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Lunch and Learn, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Next Level Expansion, Rachelle

Join me in today's episode for inspiring ideas and talks with Dr. Rachelle McCloud on the theme of "How Anxiety, Depression and Stress May Lead to Your Next Level of Expansion with Rachelle."

Lunch and Learn, CDC, COVID, Dr. Berry

Tune in to today's show and learn about "My Love and Hate Relationship with the CDC with Dr. Berry"

Lunch and Learn, COVID19 Update, Omicron Variant , COVID Education, Dr. Berry

Listen to the podcast "Covid-19 Omicron Variant with Dr. Berry" right now and learn along with me.

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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month: What is it?

January 2022 is cervical awareness month. A great start to the year to discuss HPV vaccines and amplify health organizations’ causes and campaigns on cervical awareness and cancer prevention. Today, let’s talk about these causes and how this is crucial for everyone in the United States and for almost 79 million people in the world.

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Ways to Keep a Healthy Heart: Heart Failure and Its Facts

The heart is indeed the most crucial part of your body. It's essential that you keep it beating healthy at every tick. With heart failure being common these days, let's talk about ways to keep a healthy heart. 

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dr Mary bowden, Houston Methodist

Doctor Suspended from Houston Methodist for false Covid-19 Information

On this episode of Real Physician Reacts we are discussing a former Houston Methodist …

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