A goodbye letter to Mr. Problem Patient

Dear Mr. Problem Patient, 
As a patient in my practice I have listened to your fears and concerns in hopes to help get you to your peak state of health care. Unfortunately, it has come to the point in our relationship where you want more than I am willing to offer and the relationship must now soon come to an end. I know that this may seem to come out of nowhere but I will remind you of just SOME of the events that took place that got us here.

  1. You continue to show up to our appointments late 

  2. You sometimes don't even show up at all

  3. You are rude to my front desk clerk, as they are checking you in late again 

  4. You insist that you be placed ahead of other patients because you feel you are the only “VIP”

  5. When you do show up right before lunch time you insist to have an extended appointment as if you aren't aware that we are talking during my lunch time

  6. You insist on standing during the whole exam because you are ready to go and have better things to do

  7. You always go to get a second opinion first then come and tell me how I am wrong

  8. We have to spend 5 minutes arguing over what webMD or  Dr. Google tells you each visit

  9. You refuse to follow any of the plans that WE agreed upon 

  10. You are rude to my medical assistant who is trying to make sure you have all of your medications as needed

  11. You won't take any of the medications I give you faithfully but wont miss a beat with the newest supplement you saw on TV

  12. You are rude to my manager after a problem with YOUR insurance causes a delay in care

  13. You continue to blame me right after you decided to ignore my advice

Last but not least you really thought that the motto that the customer was always right meant that you could be an asshole and now we have to part ways because I already have one & don't need another.
Goodbye Mr. Problem Patient

Thank you
Signed Dr. Berry

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