So here is my affirmation for the new year. You know the end of the year is near when you start seeing the “__ is going to be my year” all over the place.  With everyone already looking forward to what 2017 has in store I decided to join in on the fun. Like most people there were things I loved about 2016 and things I definetely want to see to change going into the new year. No better motivating factor than writing down the goals so I decided to take that to another level and make it into a blog post for the world to see. So take a look at what I have in store for 2017.

  1. Get back lost time
  2. Start my podcast
  3. Paid National Speaker
  4. Published Author

I actually have a few more but let's start with those. I'm claiming this week, which also happens to be my birthday week as Affirmation 2016 for Dr. Berry. This week I'm going to be writing about the why & hows of each point mentioned above. I saw this quote “A year from now you may wish you had started today” by Karen Lamb, and it stuck with me because there were times where the thought that everything had to be a perfect before I move forward paralyzed me into taking action. But not anymore, if you are reading this than take the pledge with me that you aren’t going to wait for perfection anymore.

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