Catching up with Dr. Ericka Goodwin

Over the years I have served as the host of the Lunch and Learn …

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The Pink Ribbon: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

“On Friday, we wear it pink!” Breast cancer awareness has officially kicked off this month and almost everyone every inspiring woman worldwide is waving the pink banner in honor of Breast cancer survivors and of the ones who are still fighting for it. 

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Importance of Mental Health awareness in a Pandemic

Have you checked yourself and your mental health lately? Today let’s talk about Mental Health Awareness and how the COVID19 pandemic played a factor in one’s mental health.

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match, July 1, IMG

So you didn’t match into residency this year?

Being apart of graduate medical education is one of the more fulfilling roles I serve as a physician.

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how to choose the right doctor, choosing the right primary care doctor, primary care doctor,17 tips

17 tips on how to choose the right doctor

In today’s day and age we are asked to make a lot of decisions on our behalf of our own healthcare..

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Should Adults Get A Measles Booster Shot? [Find out why]

With measles outbreaks hitting record numbers here in the United States I discuss the need for a measles ..

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LLP090: Giving thanks to another year but where do we go now

Introduction… On this week’s episode of the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry, I …

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dr berry pierre, drpierresblog, drberrypierre, lunch and learn with dr berry

LLP089: Why Closing the Door Behind You Is Not An Option

Introduction… On this week’s episode of the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry I …

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LLP088: Why Your Doctor Hates Fat People!

Introduction… On this week’s podcast episode we discuss what appears to be the tried …

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Health insurance

Have You Signed Up For Health Insurance? EP 60

On this week’s Empower Yourself For Better Health series we are talking about open …

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