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How to Create Trust with Patients with Jonathan Jones

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to join my friend and podcast host Jonathan …

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Importance of Mental Health awareness in a Pandemic

Have you checked yourself and your mental health lately? Today let’s talk about Mental Health Awareness and how the COVID19 pandemic played a factor in one’s mental health.

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how to choose the right doctor, choosing the right primary care doctor, primary care doctor,17 tips

17 tips on how to choose the right doctor

In today’s day and age we are asked to make a lot of decisions on our behalf of our own healthcare..

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patient advocate

7 reasons why you need a patient advocate

Patient advocate – a individual/organization who helps guide a patient through the healthcare system …

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True Life: My doctor isn’t on social media

  4 Days 96 hours 5760 minutes 345600 seconds That is how much time …

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Is Your Doctor The Leader You Need and Trust Without Your Health Suffering?

How many times have you ever had to question whether the person in “charge” …

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are young physicians better

Are young physicians better and what the old ones don’t want you to hear

Are young physicians better? I started to lose count the amount of times I …

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Firing your doctor

Why firing your doctor today may save your life tomorrow

Its a decision that employers have to make and its probably one of the …

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See why doctors are not as smart as you think

Today as I was scrolling across my timeline I came across a blog post in …

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Why Medical Students Absolutely Need To Be On Social Media.

I focus on medical students here but honestly there isn’t a field anymore where …

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