pain freedom, dr zarinah hud

LLP083: Four Steps to Long-Term Pain Freedom with Dr. Zarinah Hud

The podcast episode this week we have special guest Dr. Zarinah Hud (Dr. Zee) who …

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Dr. Sabine Elisee, flu season

LLP082: Are You Ready For Another Deadly Flu Season with Dr. Sabine Elisee

This episode is a special bonus for the podcast community and is a replay …

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sabine elisee, flu season

Are you ready for another deadly flu season with Dr. Sabine Elisee – Episode 59

On this weeks Empower Yourself For Better Health series we are gearing up for …

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Flu Shot,

What happens when your ‘healthy’ friend doesn’t get the flu shot.

Before we get into this week’s blog post I want to make my stance …

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pain, pain management, pain control

What you need to know about pain and pain awareness month – Episode 58

On this weeks Empower Yourself For Better Health series we are talking about pain …

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case files

LLP081: What happens when your patient overdoses..

This week’s episode is a follow up to Episode 80 where I discussed some …

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pain control

LLP080: Why is your doctor scared to help control your pain?

On today’s episode we talk about the issue of pain control & just why …

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doctor in training, medscape

LLP079: What are some of the biggest issues your doctor in training is facing today?

On today’s episode we talk about a recent Medscape Survey on Resident Lifestyle and …

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accountable, health care, affordable care act

LLP078: Who is accountable for YOUR health care?

On today’s episode we talk about health care accountability and ultimately who is responsible. …

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hospice care, hospice, drpierresblog

What is Hospice Care? Episode 57

Today we are talking about the updates on Hospice Care Links Hospice Foundation In …

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