The important truth about waiting when your child has autism

Download now 8 Signs Your Child May Have Autism Download my free PDF on the 8 top signs your child may have Autism Written by Maria Davis-Pierre LMHC If you would have told me that one of the biggest hurdles I would have faced in raising someone with autism was [...]

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Why colon cancer is a major killer in African Americans

As the month of Colon Cancer Awareness month continues I knew it was imperative to touch on its effect in the African American community.  Like many of the disorders I encounter on a daily basis Colon Cancer tends to disproportionately affect those in this community at a much more detrimental rate. [...]

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20 facts about the kidney because when they go you go

If you had to rank the most important organ in your body just which one would it be? If you ask me I probably rank my top 5 Brain Heart Kidney Lungs Bones courtesy of WebMd Now I may be biased coming off the fresh off the high [...]

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Why colon and rectal cancer are rising in young people

What a way start to Colon Cancer Awareness Month?!? As we are just getting past through heart disease awareness month I thought I was would only have to do a couple of articles/videos on colon cancer  just to get everyone caught up to speed when the Journal Of the National [...]

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Almost everything you need to know about heart disease

With the month of February almost coming a close I want to keep hammering home the importance of heart health for the community. It seems fitting that we would celebrate heart disease awareness month during the month of valentines so I wrote this so that you can find all the [...]

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10 common stroke symptoms and how to save your loved ones

I have seen time & time again that in health care not taking proper action when you are supposed to seems to always have dire consequences in the long run. This is definitely the case when we talk about spotting  stroke symptoms & early prevention. As you may know February is [...]

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How to stop a heart attack in 10 ways

"Could I have stopped this heart attack before it began" What if I had I had stopped smoking earlier? What if I had just took that one pill to control my blood pressure? What if I had just gone to the doctor earlier? The "What If" game is a deadly [...]

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Why on earth are cigarettes still a thing in 2017?

Things that typically happen at the beginning of the year: Gym memberships swell up and finding your perfect New years resolutions everywhere begin to either start failing by the wayside or permanently be added to the day by day activities of daily living You tend to be a bit more [...]

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15 reasons why you should start caring about Heart Disease now

How many of you remember the show "1000 ways to die", it depicted all these crazy ways that you could die & even incorporated the science behind them all. One of the important things caveats from the show was that uncommon things are not common. That despite how interesting things [...]

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Why I won't stop vaccinating my child with Autism

Download now 8 Signs Your Child May Have Autism Download my free PDF on the 8 top signs your child may have Autism Autism So here we go again with this vaccine “battle”. Recently a doctor from the Cleveland Clinic published a blog post where he reignited the fuel of [...]

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