Last week during Affirmation 2016 I got a lot of amazing feedback on my goals for 2016 but a common question I got was how was I going to seemingly do more work while at the same time getting more time to my self. Because how was I going to launch a podcast, do more speaking, write books and at the same time get back my lost time freedom? The answer is simple : CoSchedule
So you maybe asking yourself “ Well what is it?”, in the most simplified terms its your social media personal assistant in one place. When I first started out I used to have to manually publish my blog and then spend an hour or so just sharing it on all my social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus) which you can probably tell already was pretty time consuming. When I decided that I wanted to get my time back for 2017 I knew that was one aspect in my business that had to change.
Along came this program which is easily most easy to use marketing table calendar there is out there. As I have gotten more proficient in writing my blogs, I also had to learn to be more efficient in doing so. With CoSchedule I am able to plan my blog posts, social media messages, and more for days, weeks, and months in advance. It lets me pick and choose just which of my many social media platforms gets what message but the best part(at least in my opinion) it knows the best time to even post your messages based on the internet traffic at the time.
Like I am a one person machine at this time and CoSchedule has already saved me hours of planning, posting & sharing my blogs. Next year when I start releasing my weekly podcast I will be able to know exactly when it will release along with when my other social messages/blogs will post. Just take a look at what I have been able to do already with CoSchedule.
You will notice the different colors and time stamps, with CoSchedule I can separate new blog post from old ones, or even have ones for different days of the week.  This has worked wonders on helping me repurpose old blog posts that were just sitting there ready for my new readers to get a look.
To the bloggers/podcasters wondering, you can make personal campaigns on just when & how you want your post to appear on every social media outlet and this application integrates with your favorite editing tools including google docs & Evernote (which I am actually using now to write this post)
Don’t take my word for how great this application is they give you a free 2 week trial so you have absolutely nothing to lose. I was skeptical at first because I had tried other automated programs on the web but nothing comes close to this program. Click here for more details 
Check out this video for yourself and wonder just how were you keeping up with the day to day social media operations without this application before. 

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