dating, drpierresblogBeing in a relationship was one of the toughest things (besides the class work) I experienced during my time in school over the past four years. In most relationships sacrifices must be made for the better of the relationship but I truly believe and of course I am bias that medical school is just one of the exceptions. These issues come up even more frequently when your partner isn’t another medical student because you often spend time discussing/arguing over issues that you almost would never have to with another student. I just wanted to give a few tips to those types of relationships that I have learned over the years.
A few tips to success

  • Faith 1st, Medical school 2nd, Relationship 3rd and Medical school 4th
  • There is always time to study
  • Every test is the biggest test of their lives, it never stops
  • Medical students hate talking about their day in school, they are just glad it ended
  • Sleep is optional
  • You can never be studying for too long
  • Quality time is centered around exam schedules
  • Do not plan things in advance they are too focused on the next exam
  • Medical school is our job & for the next 4 years and we will refer to it as such
  • No hypothetical questions about who they would choose medical school or you. You will lose even if they lie and choose you.
  • Discussions during study sessions will not be remembered
  • In the eyes of the medical student NOTHING is harder than med school, accept this “fact” because that will never change
  • You will never understand what the medical student goes thru and we will never be able to explain it.

Please feel free to add your tips

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