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Dear home health agency/marketer

I used to wonder why doctors refused to see reps during office hours regardless of whether they were busy or not but I have now seen the light. For those reading this and may not be familiar with home health care Medicare defines it as “a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home for an illness or injury.” which usually includes physical therapy,wound care, skilled nursing & etc. So when the hospital I work with first opened up my practice almost immediately I got hit with a daily barrage of you marketers telling me about your agency & how much they could help my patients. I didn't realize the vast amount of agencies down here in south Florida until I became an attending because you guys began to come so often that your sales pitches all started the same. When I had more free time I was able to accommodate some time for you but now 2+ years later I just can't with the growing patient load. Unfortunately some of you guys have met this lack of my time with some resistance & even anger judging my the most recent message I received from one you guys.

“Good morning Dr Pierre. I hope you're doing well.
We met months ago through a medicare pt I referred to _____ you. We discussed you possibly referring Medicare patients to me if I send you Medicare referrals.
I sent you another Medicare patient , you just signed an order, which is now 2 Medicare pts I sent your way and i have not gotten any Medicare referral from you. It's impossible to see you at your office and now the office manager just blew me off for a meeting I was going to have with her today.
Dr Pierre, ______ had great things to say about you, however, you're treating me like The stepchild…This is not good Dr Pierre?”

So where do we begin with the above message. For clarity for those who may be unfamiliar, Medicare patients are the lifeblood of these home care agencies because they pay the most but because of the checks & balances we have in health care no agency can't get PAID for anything they do with a patient unless a physician signs off on it.

The first patient the home health marketer is referring to was a patient who had NO primary care doctor & the agency was practically begging me to take the patient(because no other doctors wanted them) on because they wouldn't get paid for any services for said patient. So of course I obliged and I haven't seen that patient since.

The second patient the home health marketer is referring to was a patient who was homebound & I did the marketer & their agency a favor by going to the patients home(something I do RARELY). In order for the patient to continue (I say continue because they already started providing services but wasn't getting paid for them) getting services I went to the patient's home during lunch & saw the patient.

So you can see how surprised I was to get this message from this spoiled marketer as if they were doing me the favor all along. For my medical student readers there are entire industries propped up because we went to medical school who can't do a thing without our say so, PLEASE don't forget that when you have agencies like the one above make it seem like they are doing you the favor when it's clearly the other way around. Its marketers like this one that have finally allowed me to see the light about not wanting to see you all during office hours & for that I thank you.

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