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Five things I learned when I became a podcaster

So it has been officially 2 weeks since launching the podcast and I must say that it was probably one of the best decisions I have made this year and I think I have made some great ones. I first want to thank those who either inspired the move since my affirmation 2016 proclamation.
People who inspired me to take the leap

  • Stephen Francis – my photographer/videographer who finally pushed me to the point where I had to take some imperfect action. – Photography website
  • Berry  (amazing first name btw) – She has been an amazing support system & she is the creator of the director Podcasts in Color

Podcast that inspired me to take the leap

  • Thats Absurd Podcast – weekly podcast with 3 funny hosts who talk about weekly events while occasionally having a drink or two. (explicit)
  • Dreams in Drive – great interview style podcast by Rana Campbell who brings on amazing guest entreprenuers from all different industries.
  • Docs Outside the box – A podcast who highlights physicians who are doing things outside of the just medicine

Now for the best part here are the things that I have learned since starting my podcast and honestly if I knew back then what I knew now I would have started it at the same time I launched the Lunch and Learn live video series.

  1. The mental road block – I thought making a podcast was difficult & time consuming but I realized that a lot of my work was in setting up but now that I am done with that the process is so much easier. I probably should have had a podcast out months ago but I keep letting these excuses creep into my head
  2. Increased ability to spread my message  – before I out the only way I was getting my message out was either through the blog or videos but now adding audio brings such a different dimension.
  3. Becoming a better speaker – When I first started editing my podcast I noticed a very common trend of speech related habits I had which began to annoy the hell out of me so now I am making a more conscious effort to improve which is going to help not only my not only the podcast but my Lunch and Learn live streams. 
  4. Marketable – Being able to add another title, podcast host is definitely a trend I want to continue as look more into establishing the brand 
  5. Whole new world – Starting a podcast has opened up a whole new world of people & network groups that I didn’t even know were out there. 

If you have not had the chance check out my latest podcast episode – Why blood sugar isn’t important in diabetes
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