Earlier this week I had the esteemed opportunity to serve as a guest panelist for the Urban League of Palm Beach County's Young Professionals Network(YPN). The evenly was aptly titled “Meet the Doctors” and featured yours truly along with a Dentist (Dr. Adkins) and Optometrist ( Dr. Ramsey). It was my first event with the organization but I was familiar with our host Coach Debbie as she and I served as guest panelist at an event with the YPN of Broward County. Some of the amazing take aways I concluded from the event was that our fields were actually very intertwined. When doing my physical exams I tend to also look after the visual/oral health but it was evident that alot of the problems I see in my medical office can lead directly do them and vise versa. The audience was amazing and we were able to touch on a range of issues including primary care, pain management, obesity, the “ideal” patient and mental health. For my previous readers the obesity discussion is something that I have had to tackle on personally & very often in my practice so it was nice to see that they were just as engaged with what happens to themselves. Everything about the event was done nicely down to the catering and I was able to exchange plenty of business contacts out before the night was done. I will definitely look forward to continuing this events like these with the Urban League of Palm Beach County in the future.

Execute Board of the YPN of Palm Beach County along with the Men of Medicine Panelists
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