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As November approaches the Presidency won’t be the only thing that gets decided here in the great state of Florida. The vote for medical marijuana (MM) returns on the ballot and there are those who hope that this go around it receives enough of the vote to pass. Lets get into medical cannabis as it is definitely a question I am getting asked about more and more lately.

Medical marijuana

as most of us know it by has been around for over a century here in the United States as it was first produced in the late 1800s with some of the earliest use of cannabis being in China around 2737 BC. Unfortunately since regulations/taxes were placed on it in 1937 it made it virtually impossible to use cannabis legally in this country and since then has been sentenced to what I would consider a “black hole” medically.  Even with many states passing laws that make it legal for medical use the biggest problem in the US is that it still goes against the Federal Government laws.

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So what does that mean? It means that you are still technically breaking the law(federally) in states like Colorado and California using medical cannabis for medical use.  In fact the state Supreme court in Colorado ruled that it was still legal to fire you if you use marijuana.
Here is just a short list of benefits marijuana

        • Glaucoma Treatment
        • Control of Seizures
        • Anxiety/PTSD treatment
        • Chronic Pain control
        • Less potential for addiction Does not have a high potential for abuse

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Here in Florida the law proposed to get it passed failed by less than 3% points as it was only able to get 57.62 percent of the vote out of the 60% needed to pass. One of the biggest reasons was that it’s biggest detractors were able to point to issues including lack of parental consent and no clear definition of debilitating disease which supporters hope to have answered this go around.
Here the list of the those who SUPPORT the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida include:

        • People United for Medical Marijuana
        • ACLU of Florida
        • Medical Marijuana of South Florida
        • Florida NAACP
        • Florida Democratic party
        • John Morgan

And that is just to name a few – here you will find a complete list
So after reading all of these benefits just who would get hurt if medical marijuana passed? Well there are theories out there that the pharmaceutical companies could stand to lose a lot of money if marijuana is enacted across the country. I pointed out earlier just some of the benefits medical marijuana on various populations of people with certain diseases so just imagine that for every patient who takes a prescription medication that now they would take medical marijuana that would definitely result in loss of profits. In fact studies are already underway just looking at the cost implications in states with legalized marijuana like the one in the journal of Health Affairs.
List of the biggest organizations/people AGAINST the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida include:

        • Florida Chamber of Commerce
        • Drug Free Florida
        • Florida Medical Association
        • Mel Sembler

I am going to be honest with you I used to be on the side of the opposition, I couldn't believe that marijuana had the benefits that I would hear about but I can say at least I was in good company. I was stubborn in my ways until I did my own research and met patients who were long time users of medical marijuana because they were afflicted with different diseases & disorders. I realized that I needed to adjust my thinking. Physicians are so data driven that if we can't see fancy numbers we don't believe something exist. Only problem with that type of thinking in regards to medical marijuana is that because the federal government classifies marijuana in a certain drug class (Schedule I), the types of studies we like to see to prove if a new medication works won’t come out anytime soon.
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