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I can tell you one of the biggest perks of being an attending physician is that people generally don't ask if you know how to treat a certain disease because they assume you do because you're an attending physician. 

I can also tell you that as an attending physician because people stop asking if you know how to treat something they don't leave room for you to even ask for assistance when you need it. 

rock and hard place

In medicine one of the biggest lessons I had to learn early on is the fact that despite all my training, practice and studying that I shouldn't feel less qualified if I ask for help. I see my young resident physicians struggle all the time with the concept which is unfortunate because it is a product of the process of becoming a physician. You get told that you have the be the best individual to get into medical school and you carry that attitude all the way through medical school, residency and beyond. 

I am just as guilty..

The same thing happened to me when I first started out as an attending. I was calling all the patients after every lab result, calling in prescriptions to pharmacies, requesting records from the other subspecialist's offices all by myself and my manager had to sit me down and remind me that I had a whole office full of staff that was willing to help me do the work if I just let them. 

Learning from my early mistakes has helped me grow not only as a physician but especially as a person. My career has grown in leaps and bounds since learning that I can't be great alone. Last month I ran a survey about my podcast which has been going on for the past year but after leaving Podcast Movement 18, one of the biggest takeaways that I got was to continuously serve my audience by asking them what they wanted to hear about. 

Summary of Responses 


  1. Who responded

    Majority women ( no surprises)

  2. State of health

    About 50% were happy with their current state of health but loved learning about new things while the other respondents were frustrated with their current health outlook

  3. Favorite episodes

    This answered varied but a majority of the choices were centered around the chronic diseases high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. 

  4. How did they hear about the podcast?

    Social media was the biggest driver for new listeners per the survey

  5. Topics they would like to hear in the future

    Pain control
    Weight Loss
    Cultural Awareness
    Working out

This type of feedback will be invaluable moving forward and I can't wait to apply it to both both the blog & video blogs in the future.

If there is a lesson I could take from this survey and my past experiences its that I need to continue to learn to lean on others for support and even guidance on this pursuit of helping to empower everyone for the betterment of their health.  Learning to not be afraid to ask “what could I do better” has helped me in both my personal & professional endeavors and I hope you can apply the philosophy to your personal and professional aspirations as well. 

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