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LLP156: Mental Wellness in the Black Community with Tiara Riley

This week we have Tiara Riley to discuss the importance of mental health in the black community.

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LLP155: No place for discrimination in medicine with Dr. Kat Ogle

We have Dr. Kat Ogel on to discuss becoming an author and her role as an advocate to fight discrimination.

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LLP154: Discrimination in the Medical Field with Dr. Petrina Craine

This week Dr. Petrina Craine is on to discuss discrimination in medicine as a Black woman.

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LLP153: Matters of the Heart with Dr. Crystal Maxwell

This week Dr. Crystal Maxwell is on to discuss becoming an author and her work as a family physician.

Personal Podcasts Stories

LLP152: Tips For The Resident Physicians

For this week's episode, I celebrate July 1st by giving great tips for our resident physicians across the country.

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LLP151: COVID-19, the Epidemiological Perspective with Velton Showell, MPH

We have Velton Showell, MPH discussing the importance of epidemiology in the fight against the coronavirus.

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LLP150: COVID-19 The Hospitalist Experience

This week's episode I am talking about the COVID-19 experience as a hospitalist.

Personal Podcasts Stories

LLP149: Doctors can study outside the boarders with Dr. Kimberly Brown

This week's episode we have Dr. Kimberly Brown to talk about her book and her journey with medical school outside the US.

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LLP 148: Healthful strategies for finding nutritional balance during the coronavirus pandemic with Marlisa Brown, RD

This week's episode we have Marlisa Brown, RD to talk about nutrition strategies during the coronavirus.