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Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry Podcast 

The Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry Podcast is the number one podcast for patient advocacy, education & health promotion. Through weekly episodes Dr. Berry Pierre and his world-class expert guests help educate the Lunch and Learn community of listeners on the most complex medical, public & social health issues. With the motto Empower Yourself For Better Health, Dr. Berry looks to make sure the listeners are able to take control of their own health care.

All of the different episodes below range from health coaching topics, interesting and bread an butter medical disorders. When it comes to Lunch and learn topics in the medical field this podcast covers them all. 

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LLP149: Doctors can study outside the boarders with Dr. Kimberly Brown

This week's episode we have Dr. Kimberly Brown to talk about her book and her journey with medical school outside the US.

LLP 148: Healthful strategies for finding nutritional balance during the coronavirus pandemic with Marlisa Brown, RD

This week's episode we have Marlisa Brown, RD to talk about nutrition strategies during the coronavirus.

LLP 147: COVID-19 and the African-American Community with Dr. Nicole Rochester

This week's episode we have Dr. Rochester to talk COVID-19 and the African-American Community.

LLP146: Urinary Incontinence: You are not alone with Dr. Fenwa Milhouse

This week's episode we have Dr. Milhouse to talk discuss urinary incontinence.

LLP145: Navigating a Medical Success Story with Dr. Brittany Brinley

This week's episode we have Dr. Brinley to talk about her journey in becoming a physician.

LLP 144: Implicit Bias in Healthcare with Dr. Kristyn Smith

This week's episode we have Dr. Smith to discuss how detrimental implicit bias is in healthcare.

LLP 143: Caring for the Caregivers with Tammy Flynn

We have Tammy Flynn, host of the On-Air advocate to discuss why we should look after caregivers.

LLP 142: Understanding Colon Cancer with Dr. Austin Chiang

This week's episode we have Dr. Austin Chiang to discuss all things colon cancer related.

LLP141: Mamba Mentality with Dr. Brooke Williams

This week's episode we have Dr. Brooke Williams to discuss mentorship goals.