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Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry Podcast 

The Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry Podcast is the number one podcast for patient advocacy, education & health promotion. Through weekly episodes Dr. Berry Pierre and his world-class expert guests help educate the Lunch and Learn community of listeners on the most complex medical, public & social health issues. With the motto Empower Yourself For Better Health, Dr. Berry looks to make sure the listeners are able to take control of their own health care.

All of the different episodes below range from health coaching topics, interesting and bread an butter medical disorders. When it comes to Lunch and learn topics in the medical field this podcast covers them all. 

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LLP125: Physician Burnout Strikes Early with Kessy Joseph MS4

This week's we talk with Kessy Joseph, MS4 the effects of physician burnout at her level of training and gets to deal with the issue.

LLP124: 21st Century Physician Burnourt with Dr. Nicole Washington

This week's episode we talk with Dr. Nicole Washington to talk about the origin of physician burnout, and helping us find out how we can prevent becoming a victim.

LLP123: Taking Charge of your Neurological Destiny with Dr. Philippe Douyon

This week's episode we talk with Dr. Philippe Douyon about all things related to brain health & his book Neuroplasticity.

LLP122: Why Intermittent Fasting is More Than a Fad with Dr. Cecily Clark-Ganheart

This week's episode hear how Dr. Cecily Clark-Ganheart was able to lose over 50 pounds with Intermittent Fasting and why it is here to stay.

LLP121: Meal prep and simple solutions for good nutrition with Dr. Lisa Folden

This week's episode of the podcast we have Dr. Lisa Folden to discuss the importance of meal planning & provide some amazing tips to start.

LLP120: Why I made the switch to the ketogenic lifestyle?

This week I start off a slew of episodes focused on nutrition. Learn why I made the transition to a keto lifestyle.

LLP119: Creating Your Custom Plan for a Happier, Healthier Life with Dr. Donna Hamilton

This week we have Dr. Donna Hamilton to help guide us on how to be happier & healthier.

LLP118: No More Excuses with Dr. Brad Bellard

This week we have Dr. Brad Bellard who leads us with the mantra No More excuses to ensure we can meet our goals.

LLP117: Wellness Wisdom for a Stress FREELIFE with Dr. Michelle Clay

This week we have Dr. Michelle Clay who shows us what living a stress freelife is really about.