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Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry Podcast 

The Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry Podcast is the number one podcast for patient advocacy, education & health promotion. Through weekly episodes Dr. Berry Pierre and his world-class expert guests help educate the Lunch and Learn community of listeners on the most complex medical, public & social health issues. With the motto Empower Yourself For Better Health, Dr. Berry looks to make sure the listeners are able to take control of their own health care.

All of the different episodes below range from health coaching topics, interesting and bread an butter medical disorders. When it comes to Lunch and learn topics in the medical field this podcast covers them all. 

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LLP137: Getting Ready For The Break

This week's episode we celebrate an end to Season 3 of the Lunch and Learn Podcast.

LLP136: An Update on Autism in Black with Maria Davis-Pierre,LMHC

This week's episode we have Maria, to give us the latest update on Autism in Black.

LLP135: Surviving the Holidays Without Gaining Weight with Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie

This week's episode we have Dr. Sylvia Bollie to help save us from ourselves for the holidays.

LLP134: How I learned to be a patient

This week's episode we bring you another solo episode where I talk about suffering a significant injury and how I dealt with the problems throughout.

LLP133: Meet the Physician IMG Advisor & Coach Dr. Nina Lum

This week's episode we have Dr. Nina Lum, the IMG Coach to talk about what motivates her to help others.

LLP132: Why we have to be aware of Endometriosis with Dr. Anila Ricks-Cord

This week's episode we have Dr. Anila Ricks-Cord to discuss endometriosis and its affect on fertility and more.

LLP131: Why You Should Learn These Lifesaving Skills with Dr. Sabine Elisee

This week we have Dr. Sabine Elisee to discussing one of the most important lifesaving skills that you need to learn.

LLP130: Why Vaping Is the new health crisis with Dr. Andrew Berry

This week's episode we have Dr. Andrew Berry to discuss current health crisis of vaping.

LLP129: Can we cure physician burn out? with Dr. Erin Boyd

We have Dr. Erin Boyd, an ER doc to talk about physician burnout and how she learned to put herself first.