LLP062: Mental Health, Meds, Misconceptions and more with Dr. Nicole Washington

Listen on  Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, Spotify Today's guest is Dr. Nicole Washington, a Board Certified Psychiatrist, best selling author & speaker. She is here to give the Lunch and Learn Community some much needed advice on the importance of seeing a psychiatrist, why finding [...]

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LLP056: How to stay heart healthy with Dr. Mike

Listen on  Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, Spotify It's the leading cause of death WORLDWIDE. Its will cost the US over 200 billion per year and that number is only going to go up. This month as we have our annual celebration of valentines day and [...]

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LLP052:The Flu is now deadlier than ever

Listen on  Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, iHeartRadio, Spotify Every year around this time I know you all get bombard with the TV commercials, your local pharmacies and your physicians all pleading with you to get your annual flu shot. For some of you (Approximately 40%) you [...]

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LLP048: Who doesn’t have high blood pressure now? with Dr. Ducatel

Listen on  Apple Podcast, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud New blood pressure guidelines have caused an uproar in the medical community.Some of the numbers are eye opening according to experts that estimate that approximately 25 million more people will be diagnosed with high blood pressure because of these recent [...]

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LLP030: Sexually Transmitted Diseases & Usher

Sexually transmitted diseases have become a mainstay in the primary care setting but with recent reports that the numbers are on the rise a Public Health crisis may not be too far behind. Today were are going to be focusing on just three STDs, syphilis, gonorrhea & herpes simplex. Because [...]

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LLP027: Why blood sugar isn’t important in diabetes

Somehow I went this far without talking about a disease that a day doesn't go by that I don't see it one way shape or form. Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects almost 30 million people here in the United States. It cost the health care system approximately $250 [...]

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LLP025: Spotting the signs of domestic violence

To get a medical license or even renew your medical license we are required to take a 1-2 course on domestic violence. I remember seeing it listed and being pretty excited because I had learned about its serious effects from a public health perspective. Some of the numbers are startling [...]

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LLP024: Why cigarettes and heart disease are a deadly combination

If there is only one thing that I absolutely want you to take from all of my lunch and learn episodes is that I never want to see you pick up a cigarette for the first time or smoke it ever again. There is absolutely nothing that could be said [...]

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LLP023: Do you really need an antibiotic?

You know that I promote my love for Public Health whenever I get the chance and quite often find a way to point out how important it is in everyday medicine. Well, this is one of those times again with the subject the antibiotic. There isn't a day that goes [...]

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LLP019: All about Heart Disease and prevention

Heart disease is the number one killer in the WORLD. Cardiovascular disease as it is most commonly described as takes up 2 of the top 10 reasons world wide. As a primary care physician I have seen my faire share of patients who has suffered the ill effects of this [...]

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