LLP100: Getting to the root of Disease with Dr. Lauren, The Culinary Doctor

On this week's episode of the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry we have Dr. Lauren, The Culinary Doctor to educate us for National Nutrition Month.

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LLP092: Is Your Doctor Even The Right Person To Talk To About Getting Healthy?

Introduction... On this week's episode of the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry we have a follow up to last weeks show where we talked about New Years Resolutions. One key point that was brought up by one of the Lunch and Learn community members was that she [...]

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LLP091: Get Started On Your New Years Resolution Now

Introduction... On this week's episode of the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry we are talking about new years resolutions. That's right, it's that time of the year where we all look back at how the year went, see what could have been better and proclaim to the [...]

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LLP086: Five Reasons Why You Need A Mental Break

This week's podcast episode I talk about the importance of taking a well deserved mental break from certain life stressors and why you shouldn't ever feel compelled to do something for the sake of your mental well being.  Listen to the show as I discuss the top 5 [...]

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LLP078: Who is accountable for YOUR health care?

On today's episode we talk about health care accountability and ultimately who is responsible. With all of the recent changes in health care in the last decade and the people coming up on different sides of the coin when discussing whether healthcare is a right or a privilege [...]

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LLP077: What is Hospice Care and why it’s important to think about before the end of life

On today's episode we talk about Hospice care. With the recent news of Aretha Franklin being placed in hospice care and the almost immediate reaction  from the general public I knew that having a discussion on just what Hospice is would be important for the Lunch and Learn [...]

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LLP076: If I don’t become my patient’s number one advocate who will?

On today's episode I come to the true reason for the podcast. After going to Podcast Movement 2018 and having to explain to 40+ people just what the podcast was about I came to the realization that the main underlying theme was patient advocacy. Listen to today's shows [...]

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LLP074: A minority mental health checkup with Maria Davis-Pierre LMHC

On today's episode we discuss minority mental health month with Maria Davis Pierre LMHC, a follow up to last week's discussion on the burden Mental Health plays on minorities. In this episode we will discuss one of the biggest reasons why there is a dedicated month to mental [...]

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LLP072: Should I keep a secret from my doctor?

On today's episode I wanted to talk about some of the most common things we don't tell our physicians and explore should the patient even have to. With much media fanfare for a certain hip hop star not wanting to disclose the fact that he had a child [...]

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