LLP126: Why do we overlook burnout amongst medical students with Aprylle Thompson MS4

This week's we talk with Aprylle Thompson, to express her concern about medical students facing burnout.

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LLP124: 21st Century Physician Burnourt with Dr. Nicole Washington

This week's episode we talk with Dr. Nicole Washington to talk about the origin of physician burnout, and helping us find out how we can prevent becoming a victim.

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LLP123: Taking Charge of your Neurological Destiny with Dr. Philippe Douyon

This week's episode we talk with Dr. Philippe Douyon about all things related to brain health & his book Neuroplasticity.

LLP114: How the Social Relationships of Men Affect their well being with Dr. Jameson Mercier

This week we have Dr. Jameson Mercier, to tell us how important social relationships are for men.

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