LLP090: Giving thanks to another year but where do we go now

Introduction... On this week's episode of the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry, I get a chance to look back at the new year & reflect on all the things I have done right & wrong since my last birthday.  What to look for... Listen to the show [...]

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LLP089: Why Closing the Door Behind You Is Not An Option

Introduction... On this week's episode of the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry I get a chance to highlight an opportunity I had to provide some well deserving medical students with tips on how to succeed ERAS season. For those who may not be aware during the last [...]

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LLP088: Why Your Doctor Hates Fat People!

Introduction... On this week's podcast episode we discuss what appears to be the tried and true tradition of bias against overweight and obese people in the health field. I would love to say that I am shocked by the findings but growing up always on the heavier side [...]

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LLP087: Is Your Doctor Culturally Competent?

This week's podcast episode is a troubling one because I have to highlight what happens when you have a physician who isn't culturally competent. Today we highlight a terrible situation where a patient who is willingly seeking to take care of her health care needs but needs the [...]

LLP081: What happens when your patient overdoses..

This week's episode is a follow up to Episode 80 where I discussed some of the biggest fears physicians have today in regards to treating pain & more importantly prescribing pain medications. On this episode I discuss what happened after getting a call that a patient of mines [...]

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LLP079: What are some of the biggest issues your doctor in training is facing today?

On today's episode we talk about a recent Medscape Survey on Resident Lifestyle and Happiness. Medscape recently polled 1900 residents across the US and ask them questions such as their biggest challenge during residency, who bullies them in the hospital and what suggestions on avoiding burnout.    Listen [...]

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LLP075: The myth of the perfect medical student with Student Dr Kendra

On today's episode we sit down with Student Doctor Kendra Williams and discuss why the myth of the perfect medical student needs to be shattered to pieces. In today's episode hear how one of her tweets going viral helped shed light on a belief that has far too [...]

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LLP073: The Burden of Being the Perfect Black Physician

On today's episode we discuss minority mental health month and what the toll is of being a very public black physician has on my every time thought process. Those in the Lunch and Learn Community knows what it means to have your mental health in the best shape [...]

LLP071: Giving thanks to an amazing year

On today's episode I wanted to thank all the listeners over the past year who helped me get to season 2 of the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry. It has been amazing ride thus far and I can't wait to continue to deliver the bout of excellence [...]

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LLP064: Are you better off with an academic doctor?

Today's episode is a discussion on which type of a physician is the best one to take care of you in the clinic setting. This week I was able to attend the American College of Internist conference for residency trainers and it hit home that I was truly [...]

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