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The Momentum in Medicine Conference Recap

Momentum In MedicineThese were just a few of the quotes I heard this past weekend at the Momentum in Medicine Conference.  Now what if I told you that it was an experience like no other. What if I told you that there was never a dull moment so much so that there wasn't even a speaker that you would consider skipping out on because every  single one of them gave valuable information to help further your career forward. I mean it even ended with Dr. Kevin Pho (for those unfamiliar KevinMd) as the keynote speaker for graduation.

So I first want to back up just a little bit if thats ok, because I want to give you some background on the conference itself & how I found myself to be a more than willing participant. So if you have been following along with my journey than you are aware that I am apart of a mastermind group referred to as the Medical Moguls. I will actually go into details about how/why I ended up in this group this friday so stay tuned for that blog but for now our time in the group was coming to an end so to finish things off we were having a graduation ceremony at the end of the Momentum in Medicine Conference.

Momentum In MedicineNow this was not the regular medical conference I was used to, I didn't have to force myself to listen to boring lectures being read word for word off powerpoint slides. I wasn't there to get the latest update on Diabetes or Hypertension. The focus of this conference was solely but truly how to get your butt in gear from a BUSINESS aspect & use that momentum to get to the next level.

I knew very quickly this was going to be a different conference when my mastermind coach came in with the introduction to rival all introductions. Almost immediately the conference attendees were hooked & began to hang on every word, which was a feeling that didn't stop until the conference ended.

Going to previous conferences I was used to just hearing from different medical specialist about topics that likely wasn't going to serve myself or my patient population any good but I did it because I had to. I didn't know that a conference could actually be informative all the way throughout with amazing programming. We heard from key movers and shakers in all types of industries, who were booked to help expand our knowledge of the world of business that we had never came across.

We had mindset speakers, brand specialist, professional bloggers & speakers, Trademark attorneys, financial security lectures and so much more. Each one with more advice that you could take action with that day. I remember listening so intently because I knew that these topics were going to be a benefit in my career. Momentum In Medicine

Stacey Ferguson (CEO of BeBlogalicious) gave us one of the most powerful quotes of the weekend because as physicians/entrepreneurs(still funny to consider myself this) I have talked about how hard it is to demand we get paid our worth & stop doing things for free when others who are less qualified get paid to do so.

Momentum In Medicine

Nadia Jones (CEO of The Network Niche), another one of the brilliant speakers this past weekend talked about how being consistent with your content is worth its weight in gold. As a busy blogger myself I definitely had to improve my time management skills in order to make sure I follow this golden rule.

Momentum In Medicine

Lamar Tyler (CEO of Traffic Sales & Profit) with likely the quote of the weekend when he asked the audience whether being popular was more important than being popular.

Honestly I could fill this blog post with plenty more quotes from the other great speakers but I think you get the idea. The conference was absolutely mind blowing for me because I had a total mindset shift in what I should expect from conferences from here on out. I have already declared that unless I need CME hours or they are paying me the likely hood of me showing up to another medical conference is ZERO.  I have to thank Dr. Draion Burch for creating such an amazing wonderful conference and I can't wait to attend next years.

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