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weight loss, obesity

In this episode, Dr. Sylvia discusses weight loss myths especially associated with medications as she and Dr. Berry stress the importance of having these tough conversations around obesity, especially in the Black community.

lunch and learn, physician, menshealth, hurdlesofmen, annualcheckup

In this episode, Dr. Berry discusses why it’s hard to get men to attend their doctor’s appointments, even just the annual visit, as he shares ways how those around men can help men take care of themselves in a better and more serious way.

Lunch and Learn, physician, patient-doctor relationship, speaking Language

in this episode, Dr. Berry discusses why it’s crucial to get that match right by first knowing who you are. Join us today and avoid the disaster of a mismatch.

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The Pink Ribbon: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Health Coaching

Importance of Mental Health awareness in a Pandemic

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So you didn't match into residency this year?

how to choose the right doctor, choosing the right primary care doctor, primary care doctor,17 tips
Health Coaching

17 tips on how to choose the right doctor

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Should Adults Get A Measles Booster Shot? [Find out why]

Flu Shot,
Medical Spotlights

What happens when your ‘healthy' friend doesn't get the flu shot.