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Welcome back, Lunch and Learn community! This is our very first episode of Medicine Mondays this 2023. So dive into this episode as we talk about the things to expect for a more empowered and fruitful 2023.

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Tune in this episode and see how I make use of the Five Action Steps To Take For A Healthier 2023 as I reveal the things I plan to improve on in 2023.

Lunch and Learn, healthier2023, fruitful year, new year's resolution

In this first two-part episode about planning for the upcoming year, Dr. Berry shares actionable steps in making your goals realistic and achievable. Here, he gives out valuable tips on how to hold yourself accountable for your actions and/or inactions and explains the importance of having a support system in achieving your goals.

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Importance of Mental Health awareness in a Pandemic

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So you didn't match into residency this year?

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17 tips on how to choose the right doctor

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Should Adults Get A Measles Booster Shot? [Find out why]

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What happens when your ‘healthy' friend doesn't get the flu shot.