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ohio, outbreak, measles

#RealPhysicianReacts #Measlesoutbreak #ohio In this episode of Real Physician Reacts we will be having a discussion on the recent measles outbreak currently going on in Columbus, Ohio.

Lunch and Learn, lupus, lupus awareness, lupus treatment, lupus awareness month

In this episode, Dr. Berry talks all about lupus and discusses what happens to the immune system of those who have it. He also puts emphasis on how it could affect basically all of the internal organs as he reassures that while there is still no answer to what really causes it, there are ways to trace lupus and treatment options to help those who have been diagnosed.

Lunch and Learn, diabetes, diabetic, diabetes awareness month

In this episode, Dr. Berry discusses the treatment options for diabetes as he explains what works best in which situations, while continuously stressing the importance of lifestyle modification in controlling diabetes.

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The myth of the perfect physician

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Residency selections are in and now the wait

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True Life: My doctor isn't on social media

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Is Your Doctor The Leader You Need and Trust Without Your Health Suffering?