So I understand I'm not seasoned in regards to having 10-15 years of patient experience as a physician but I think I have seen enough to really  have a firm grip on who isn't in their right mind and who is. I am starting this series “Weird Patient Encounters” to start keeping track of them all.
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I think I wouldn't be doing this series any justice if I didn't start with probably the weirdest & most awkward moments to date in my young professional career. This is a patient I happened to be taking care of shortly before this year's election, they had came in needing assistance filling out disability forms and knew that they would need me to fill some out on their behalf. It was obvious the patient didn't realize how much actually went into filing for disability & I could just see the frustration setting in. It was right then that the appointment started taking a turn all the way left.

  • First he decides to remind me that if he is a Caucasian male (I'm not blind)
  • Proceeds to tell me that if he were a minority he would likely be approved quicker & easier (Not True)
  • States that him being a white male automatically puts him at a disadvantage. (More white males are on disability)
  • Goes on to tell me about the conspiracy to get rid of the white male race in the United States and the world and make everybody interracial.
  • Mentions that there are areas in Europe where the white male race has already become extinct (Unable to find any credible source)
  • States that this election will determine just how quickly the cleansing I will occur here in the US.
  • Talks about the fear he has for the future of our country is greater than it's ever been in his lifetime (Reminder that 9/11 occurred but the election of Hiliary Clinton scared him more)
  • Is able to tell all this to me a black physician as well as my medical student who is also a minority all of this with a straight face

The appointment lasted about 20 minutes and I think my medical student and I might have been in shock that this wasn't some episode of Punked. I'm not sure if I had ever been able to hold a straight face for as long as I did prior to that day but during that appointment it was definitely tested. And he actually didn't need to tell me that he was a part of this Alta right movement called him “white supremacist movement “but I had enough information to  gather that he'll likely be leaning in direction. Fortunately for him he got his wishes and Donald Trump got elected so at lease some of his fears won't come into fruition in the immediate future.

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