To podcast or not podcast?

Am I the only one who got so sick of the radio and its 3 song rotation that I pretty much only listened to the mp3 player in my car?
Like I know I’m dating myself here but I remember when cars didn’t have bluetooth or auxiliary docks so you either had to listen to the same song over and over, play your mp3 player thru like the FM transmitters or buy an expensive cd player to install in your car. I’m not sure when I made the transition but I remember getting so fed up with radio that I just drove around in silence because I didn’t want to hear a certain song for the 5th time during a road trip.
Fast forward to today and now I am usually late to the party if a song is a hit on the radio. My listening only consist of albums on my phone or podcasts. I listen to a wide range of podcast from sports, marketing, blogging to current events and one of my favorites That's Absurd started by childhood friends is what really pushed me to make the leap.
I’m going to be honest, I haven’t even thought of a name for the podcast yet but I already have like a 3 month plan on episodes. The biggest thing for me with the podcast is to continue branding myself Dr. Berry, outside the clinic. The fact that I want to be recognized as a paid national speaker will be greatly assisted with the fact that people will be able to hear my voice on a weekly basis. Just like the blog I plan on touching on a wide range of medical & public health topics but I also am going to spotlight a lot of professionals who I know are making a difference.
So my podcast goals are as follows (no order):

  1. Enlarge the brand of Dr. Berry
  2. Enlarge the brand of others doing great things for the community
  3. Provide confidence to future organizations of my paid speaking abilities
  4. Enlarge the brand of
  5. Have fun

I already started researching my new equipment thanks to my partner Nate at That’s Absurd.
Foam Ball – Cover the Microphone
Desktop Microphone Tripod Stand

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