The Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry Podcast is designed to simplify health care so the common person can learn how to take back control. Through weekly educational lessons We'll be taking the most complex medical issues and teaching it in a way that you will wonder why your own personal physician never explained it to you in such a fashion before.

If you have ever went to your doctor’s appointment and left there more confused and frustrated then when you came in then this podcast is the one for you. Dr. Berry prides himself on being able to educate his patients and make them feel comfortable in their most trying times. 

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Lunch and Learn, Impostor Syndrome, getting over yourself, Business

Learn more about today's discussion and receive a lesson chock-full of wisdom, with the episode titled "Getting over Yourself with Dr. Berry Pierre."

Lunch and Learn, Cholesterol, CholesterolUpdate, goodcholesterol badcholesterol

Learn more about today's topic as we provide a brief educational explanation of what cholesterol is, its causes and risk factors, as well as some potential treatments.

Lunch and Learn, Omicron, COVID19, COVIDupdate, New Variant

Find out today "What is the COVID-19 Omicron BA.5 variant?" what makes this strain different from the others and what you need to do to get ready for a potential new wave of COVID-19 infections.

Lunch and Learn, High Blood Pressure, High Blood

Listen to this episode, "High Blood Pressure Update with Dr. Berry Pierre," in which I discuss high blood pressure and provide a current update on guidelines that you should be aware of.

Lunch and Learn, Autism in Black, AIBConferenceRecap, VirtualConference

Listen now to this episode as Maria and I discuss and talked about the amazing 2022 "Autism in Black 2022 Virtual Conference Recap."

Lunch and Learn, AIB Conference, autistism, autistic children

Listen to today's audio episode, with the theme "A Black parent Raising Autistic Children," as I talk about the need & importance for Black fathers to find support especially early in the journey of raising autistic children.

Lunch and Learn, COVID19Update, COVIDVaccines, Children

Take a look at this podcast all the way to the finish as we cover various safety profiles and the differences between the covid-19 vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna. Additionally, we will receive updated information about the "Covid-19 Vaccine Approved for Kids," which will educate us to make wise decisions for our family.

Lunch and Learn, Autism in Black, AIBConference, Virtual Conference

Keep listening to the end of this episode to learn more about the 2022 Autism in Black 2nd Virtual Conference with the title "Autism in Black Conference with Maria Davis-Pierre, LMHC" and to gain ideas for the said event.

Lunch and Learn, Comfort Zone, Danger Zone

Join me in today's audio episode as we discuss what the comfort zone is, why I consider it a danger zone for many individuals, and why leaving it is so difficult.

Lunch and Learn, Infectious Disease, Monkeypox, Virus

Keep listening until the conclusion of the podcast to hear my thoughts on why the monkeypox virus is creating so much concern during this global pandemic titled "What is the Monkeypox Virus?"

Lunch and Learn, COVIDUpdate, COVIDVaccine, COVIDStatistics, COVIDInfo

Join me in today's podcast episode, titled "One Million Deaths and Counting," to learn the most up-to-date facts regarding COVID-19.

Lunch and Learn, Roe V Wade, Human Rights, Women's choice, Abortion

Tune in to today's audio episode, as I discuss the ramifications of overturning Rowe v Wade, as well as why "Physicians Need to Stand Up for Patient's Rights."

Lunch and Learn, sports doctor, Podcasting, sports medicine

Take a listen now and stick around 'til the end of today's special episode with r. Derrick Burgess as he dropped some pearls of wisdom and his inspiring life's journey with the title "How I Used Sports Medicine to Change the Life of Many".

Lunch and Learn, Real Physician Reacts, COVID 19, Unruly Passengers, Airlines, Facemasks

With the episode title "How Masks Are Driving Passengers Crazy," join me in today's audio episode and let's find out the effects of COVID had on each individual and how people have responded to it.

Lunch and Learn, Branding, Physician Branding, Doctor, Doctorcredit

Take a listen now and stick around 'til the end in today's informative episode as I dropped some pearls of wisdom with a title "Give Your Doctor Credit".

Lunch and Learn, Branding, Physician Branding, Doctor

Listen all the way to the end to learn and gain some gems of knowledge and information from today's show about "Why your Doctor has to be a brand?"

Lunch and Learn, COVID19, COVIDupdate, COVIDvariants

Join me in today's podcast episode as I discuss the latest update of COVID 19 and will share information about "What is the BA.2 COVID variant?"

Lunch and Learn, Eyesight, Myopia, Natural Ways, Vision Jake Steiner, Endmyopia

Listen all the way to the end to learn and gain some gems of knowledge and information from our conversation on "Natural ways to improve your vision" with Jake Steiner.

Lunch and Learn, Autism, Autism in Black, Black Side, AIB Conference, Maria Davis-Pierre, LMHC

Listen to today's episode, as Maria joins me for an exciting and inspiring conversation on "The Black Side of Autism with Davis-Pierre, LMHC."