The Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry Podcast is designed to simplify health care so the common person can learn how to take back control. Through weekly educational lessons We'll be taking the most complex medical issues and teaching it in a way that you will wonder why your own personal physician never explained it to you in such a fashion before.

If you have ever went to your doctor’s appointment and left there more confused and frustrated then when you came in then this podcast is the one for you. Dr. Berry prides himself on being able to educate his patients and make them feel comfortable in their most trying times. 

So, let’s talk about the Affordable Care Act a.k.a. Obamacare,

So, let’s talk about the fundamental practice of thinking like

So, join us and don’t miss this week’s episode as we all look back to what transpired during the fourth annual conference of the Autism in Black.

So, let's talk about the experience of being at this year's Autism in Black Conference.

Join me in this episode as we rehash these memories to ensure we get our happy selves back, especially when we’re on a road where we went off to detour a little bit.

So join me in this episode as I share with you my personal experience of going through the hump of fear and unawareness of autism and how you can get to that next level of awareness as well with the help of Autism Awareness Month.

So, let’s talk about the marriage between nanotechnology and medicine, and how this can help revolutionize cancer treatment…

So, let’s talk about the deadly effects of delayed care, misdiagnosis, and delayed diagnosis as seen in the story of the late “Compton Bohemian”, Jessica Pettway…

So don’t miss out on this opportunity, because in this episode, not only will you get inspiration to take that shift; but you’ll also learn what career options are available for you out there as you explore the world beyond the clinical space.

Join me in taking a moment to pause and reflect as we gain valuable insights from our esteemed guest.

So, let’s talk about the recent scandal concerning the Nepal USMLE cheating ring.

Join me in this week’s episode as we explore the exciting possibilities that come with embracing new opportunities and sharing our expertise with the world.

Join us in this week’s episode and prevent future health problems by acting as early as today. Remember, your heart matters. Let's make every heartbeat count.