The Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry Podcast is designed to simplify health care so the common person can learn how to take back control. Through weekly educational lessons We'll be taking the most complex medical issues and teaching it in a way that you will wonder why your own personal physician never explained it to you in such a fashion before.

If you have ever went to your doctor’s appointment and left there more confused and frustrated then when you came in then this podcast is the one for you. Dr. Berry prides himself on being able to educate his patients and make them feel comfortable in their most trying times. 

Cardiovascular Disease, Men's Health Month, Men's Health Awareness, Heart Problem

Today, we are going to be talking about men in heart disease, we have to talk about the number one killer for men worldwide. We are going to have an informative conversation about "How Does Heart Disease Play Out In Men".

Mental Health, Depression, HealthAwarenessMonth, Men's Health

In this week's episode, we are going to have a candid conversation about "Men's Mental Health."

Prostate Cancer, Prostate factors, Prevention, Men's Health

In today's episode, I am talking about the second leading cause of cancer-related death in men which is "Prostate Cancer".

Men's health, men's health awareness month, Annual check-up.

In today's episode, I am talking about Men's Health and its importance.

flu, influenza

In today's episode, I am talking about the flu and why it has been a forgotten disease this cold & flu season.

CDC recommendations, covid-19, Facemask

In today's episode, I am talking about the CDC and their decision to allow vaccinated people to not wear a mask in public.

Wellness Exam, annual Checkup

In today's episode, I am going to talk about the annual check-up and why it so important.

hypertension, heart disease, high blood pressure

In today's episode, you will learn about the silent killer better known as hypertension.

covid-19, covid-19 vaccine, coronavirus

In today's episode, you will find out how the covid-19 vaccine was able to come out so quickly.

Johnson and Johnson, Covid-19 Vaccine, FDA,CDC

In today's episode let's talk about why the FDA/CDC pausing the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine was necessary.

In this week's episode learn why the kidneys are so important thanks to our special guest Dr. Frita.

In this week's episode learn what is colorectal cancer & why 1 in 24 people will develop it.

This week's episode learns about the newest covid-19 vaccine to be approved in the fight against the coronavirus.

Covid-19, Moderna Vaccine

When I released my first episode detailing my experience with getting the first of two vaccine doses against the coronavirus, the total number of coronavirus cases stood at approximately 15 million. Unfortunately as I type this out the number stands at 27 million and likely by the time you read it that number will be outdated.

Mental Health, Sarah McGriff, Feel the Reel Productions

This week on the podcast we have Sarah McGriff, a woman with many professional hats. She is an author, film producer, and nurse who took the join the podcast to discuss a slew of topics such as her concern about the mental health disparities in the Black community, stigmas surrounding ...

Covid-19, pandemic, COVID-19 vaccine, lunch and learn

At the time of writing this post, we have two different vaccines that are available for distribution. In episode 162 we talked about who would be getting the vaccines first, starting with the front line workers in health care. I had the fortunate opportunity to get my vaccine right after Christmas break so I wanted to discuss my experience.

Covid-19, pandemic, COVID-19 vaccine, lunch and learn

This week we talk about the COVID-19 vaccine: when this will be available, who can avail of it first, and should you be hesitant about getting vaccinated?

Covid-19, pandemic, lunch and learn

This week we talk about why COVID-19 won't be going away in 2021.

Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry, Dr. Berry Pierre

In this week's podcast episode we give a heads up on what to expect for Season 5.