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LLP 186: Dealing with the Delta Variant


Let's talk about Delta Variant …

In the previous episode of the Lunch and Learn Podcast, we discussed Delta Variant. We all know that this variant has caused so many problems. Delta Variant is more contagious, patients are much more symptomatic, and the transmission rate is quicker.

Today, I give you an episode that provides you an update on COVID-19, the Delta variant. We will talk about what I know so far about this type of variation and which are currently impacted and filling up hospital beds. I will discuss what's going on right now and provide statistics on the overall number of cases. Also, I will preach the significance of vaccination in this show, emphasizing how it will protect and benefit everyone.

Listen in today on this informative episode as I put some gems and additional updates about COVID-19, especially in “Dealing with the Delta Variant.”

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