Preventing Cancer, Lunch and learn with Dr. Berry

LLP 280: Advice and Lifestyle Tips for Preventing Cancer

So lets talk about preventing cancer…

“You have cancer.” Those are three words that no person in the world would ever want to hear from their doctor. Cancer is scary; it could even be deadly. 

Nevertheless, still very few people have the initiative to have themselves checked for it. Little do they know, there's a 90% chance that one will survive it as long as they get diagnosed early. 

Preventing it is very doable, but that comes with the condition that we know what to look out for. 

So in this episode, we'll discuss that big C word and the many ways that we can stay away from it. Get valuable tips on how to proactively prevent cancer on today's podcast. 

Why you need to check this episode:

  • Learn about the recent statistics on cancer as well as the most common types of it and who are at risk of getting it;
  • Discover the most common risk factor that surround cancer; and
  • Find out how you can proactively prevent cancer just by knowing your family’s medical history.

““Cancer is a very umbrella term, but there’s so many different cancers that we have to be worried about and concerned about that it’s never a one size fits all..”– Dr. Berry Pierre

Notable Quotes:

“If you don’t know how you can pick up these types of cancer, then how can you prevent it? …You can’t prevent what you don’t know is coming at you.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

 “I know it’s [cancer] a scary word, but we have to be proactive in our approach in trying to prevent it. That’s the name of the game.” 

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