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LLP026: Why being the family counselor is too big a burden

In my office more often than not “the rock” in  the family is concerned about being over burdened. Its a very common theme to see with those who serve as the mental “rock” in their family because everyone tends to come to them because they are seen as the problem solvers. My biggest gripe is that the “family counselor” tends to have no one that they can lean on for emotional support so they are burdened with not only their personal issues, but the issues of everyone else.

On this episode I try to implore the family counselor of the family to stop this practice immediately because it is slowly killing them mentally and emotionally. There is a reason counselors, therapist & doctors like myself go through the training we do because you have to learn how to deal with the problems of others but not let it affect your own. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Help you identify if you are the problem
  • Why people are trained to be counselors
  • Why it is detrimental for your personal well being taking on the emotional burden of others
  • Techniques to lessen the load
  • Why just going to church isn’t helpful

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