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LLP 356: Can a Professional Have a Job on The Side?

So, let’s talk about the intersection of professions and other passions professionals have in life…

In today's digital age, it is becoming more common for professionals to have an online presence. Whether it be through social media, podcasts, YouTube channels, or other platforms, professionals are finding ways to share knowledge, expertise, and passions with a wider audience. This online presence allows us to connect with people beyond our immediate circle and make a positive impact on a larger scale.

However, there are still those individuals who question whether professionals should be engaging in activities outside of our primary roles.

Others fail to realize it is not about compromising our career but rather expanding our reach and impact, leveraging on that power to make a positive difference in the lives of countless individuals. It also allows us to live a better and happier life, for we get to do and enjoy things that we love.

So, if you want to step out of your comfort zone and explore avenues beyond your primary professions, join me in this week’s episode as we explore the exciting possibilities that come with embracing new opportunities and sharing our expertise with the world.

Why you need to check this episode:

  • Learn how you can navigate the world of social media while maintaining your professional identity;
  • Understand why we have to be accepting of seeing professionals have and act on other passions aside from their professional duties; and
  • Discover why we got to be excited for the new norms, especially this 2024

“If not for anything else, make that leap because someone out there is waiting for the message you’re trying to deliver, and they can’t get the message you’re trying to deliver if you won’t press ‘record’. They would not get the message that you’re trying to deliver if you would keep it all to yourself. You cannot be your best-kept secret. Stop trying to be your best-kept secret; go out and do what you need to do.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

Notable Quotes:

“I actually like doing it. I actually enjoy getting online here, talking to you guys, educating you guys, [and] making it so that this complex system of medicine and healthcare and patient-doctor relationship – making sure that you understand it, like, this can be simplified, so you don’t have to be like a deer in headlights when you go to see your doctor. Because again, I’m not your doctor, but I want to make sure that when you go to see your doctor, you are as comfortable as possible.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“Remember the model: Empower Yourself for Better Health. If I make it to a point that you are comfortable when you go to see your doctor, guess what? There’s just going to be no pride in the way; there’s just going to be no delay of care in the way; and in tune, I’m going to save a life.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“I don’t need to have a fixed number of how many people it is. I just know the fact that because I press ‘record’ and upload it, that someone’s going to listen to it on the way to work, at home, [and] send it to a friend of theirs. They’re going to hear that and give it to who needs to hear it, because the message always finds who it needs to be delivered to; I just have to give the message.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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