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LLP 197: Damn that is a tough question with Dr. Nii Darko

Let's talk about the tough question…

As physicians, we are frequently burdened with massive amounts of debt in the form of school loans and other forms of debt. To many of us, that burden plays a significant role in the decisions we make.

This week, the Lunch and Learn podcast brings you an amazing guest, Dr. Nii Darko who is a Board-certified Trauma Surgeon who is pushing the limits beyond medicine. Dr. Nii is the host of the Docs Outside the Box podcast where he features ordinary doctors living extraordinary lives with a focus on money, mindset, and mission. Dr. Nii is the bestselling author of 3,2,1…Podcast – The Beginner’s Guide to Building Brand Authority Through Podcasting, and he helped other doctors find their own voices through his popular podcasting course, 10 Days to Podcasting. Dr. Nii has spent several years performing medical humanitarian work in Ghana with International Healthcare Volunteers (IHCV). He serves as a mentor for the Tour for Diversity in Medicine (T4D), an organization devoted to educating, empowering, and inspiring up-and-coming minority physicians. His newest venture is Equal Access Health, a locum tenens company that helps doctors achieve the lifestyle they deserve and have always wanted.

In this new podcast episode, Dr. Nii will discuss the business side of things, including his company ventures and the mindset adjustment that was required to achieve the financial independence he desired. He'll also talk about why medicine wasn't enough for him, how money is a tool, and how debt became his marriage's biggest problem. Get ready to get some sound advice, like how small actions in our daily life can lead to bigger ones that help us build a habit. Also, that money affects health and that it's up to us to decide what and how we eat.

This episode aims for you to learn more about:
1. How debt was stealing from us and our family's future
2. The steps we can take to pay off debt
3. How starting is better than sitting on the fence wondering or thinking about making a change

Join me on today's podcast episode, “Damn that is a tough question,” with our excellent guest Dr. Nii Darko.

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