Medical Marijuana

LLP009: The doctor changes his mind on Medical Marijuana

In Florida we just approved it late 2016 for medical use and almost immediately I started getting calls on whether I would be subscribing it. Before you start I will let you know that it wasn’t from people who were drug seeking but from people with complex medical conditions that reached a point where the only they had to turn to was the medical Marijuana. It has been one of hottest topics of medical debate over the past years. I can admit that I had strong opinions on the matter but after reading & doing my research I have changed my mind on everything. Listen to today’s episode to see what happened.



In this episode you will learn:

  •  Which side on stand on
  • The Pros/Cons of Medical Marijuana
  • Who benefits the most from it
  • Why it isn’t legal everywhere
  • Why isn’t there much research

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