Empower yourself for better health, Dr. Berry Pierre, Lunch and Learn, Pierre Medical Consulting

LLP138: Empower Yourself For Better Health

Empower yourself for better health, Dr. Berry Pierre, Lunch and Learn, Pierre Medical Consulting

Here we go, you ready for Season 4?

Welcome back Lunch and Learn Community!!!

I am so happy to be bringing you along for another season of great content, amazing guests and opportunities to help you Empower Yourself For Better Health. This is the first episode of the new season and we are back to bring you more amazing educational content to help you learn, educate and empower.

This episode will serve as an introduction to many as I discuss just why I do all the things you see here before you. Its a powerful story but one that will remind you that you have to push through the tough times to get to the better ones.

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Dr. Berry:
Thanks for being here guys, it’s Dr. Berry Pierre, your favorite Board Certified Internist. Founder of drberrypierre.com, as well the CEO of Pierre Medical Consulting. Helping you empower yourself for better health with the number one podcast for patient advocacy, education and affirmation. This is Episode 138. Most importantly, this is the first episode of Season 4 where we plan to bring you a lot more amazing guests. And I want to first off say thank you to all of those who have been rocking with us all the way from Season 1 when we didn't even call it season one because we weren't even sure y'all were going to keep listening to it, to all the way to Season 3 where you guys did such amazing job checking in week after week and letting us know, letting our guests know that the phenomenal job that they've been doing. So I want to just thank you guys again. I don't think we can start off this podcast or even this season without letting you guys know that we would not be doing this without you guys. Because again is the most important thing. Again, I'm much appreciate the support. I appreciate the likes. I appreciate the shares. I appreciate the comments and most accordingly the subscriptions, keep those subscriptions numbers up.


Dr. Berry:
So before we start with Season 4, I wanted to give a quick little run down of course, of what to expect. But again, I don't think we can look forward to if I’m looking back. So I want to first of all I want to thank all of my amazing guests from Season 3. And I tell you we had a lot of amazing guests from Dr. Joy from Therapy For Black Girls, Dr. Lauren Powell, the culinary doctor. We had Dr. Candrice, Dr. Candice, Dr. Jerisa, Dr. Shanicka. Of course, we had my wife, Maria Davis-Pierre. Just amazing. Dr. Mercier, Dr. Brad, Dr. Nina.

There was so many people who did such an amazing job bringing to light the Lunch and Learn community that I just wanted to, first I would say thank you guys for doing exactly what we wanted you to do, which is bring your A game, right? And then just let people know how amazing you are. Because that's really the goal.
My goal was really to stand there, step back and allow the people who do such amazing things to do amazing things. And they really knocked it out of the park and we want to thank them for that. And moving forward, especially for Season 4. Oh yeah Dr. Slyvia Bollie. She's another one. I think she was on there a couple of times and during Season 3. Be cause she's amazing. America's Obesity Doctor. So I want to thank all you guys for such an amazing, support system that you brought to the Lunch and Learn community. A lot of you guys brought your listeners over to our community and some of those listeners stayed on and you know, they, they're happy to join Lunch and Learn community. We are happy to have you guys.

So going on into Season 4, what should we expect for season four? Well, first and foremost, the fact that you're watching this video. It's been something that I've been talking about for the past couple of seasons and I wanted to make sure we got the process correct before jumping into video. Because obviously it is a bigger venture as far as when you want to start recording video and how big deal you want to make it. Again, I'll tell you right now, I'm not a graphics person. I'm not a video editor, I'm not that whatsoever. So I didn't want anything that was going to really add more additional work to what we were doing here with the podcast. I want to continue bringing you amazing content. Continue educating you guys, continue helping you empower yourself for better health.

And I didn't want the fact that us going to video cause delays or causes so that you can't get the content you want. So for the most part, especially for Season 4, we will be bringing you video content, with the episodes that we can't right now. Again, there may be some episodes where it is no video. And if there's no video, I'll make sure the show in different ways, some visual aspects of what we're doing so you don't have to worry about what happens if there's no video. Especially for my Lunch and Learn community listeners who love watching the video, who loved the being on YouTube all day anyways, and they would love to just watch us play around, have a great conversation. And of course, when you go into video, you have to prep your guests that you're going into video as well too.

If video is just one of those things that I think if you allow it to be a huge thing, if you allow it to be a huge production, it can be a huge production. But if you just turn the camera on and you just say, go. It could be something that I think it would be amazing. So I hope you guys get an amazing experience from it. We will be posting the whole episode of the ones we do record. And I'll always let you guys know like, hey, we've got the full episodes already recorded on YouTube. I will be on my page. So if you want, go to drberrypierre.com/youtube. It'll take you right to my YouTube page where you can see all of the prior Lunch and Learn episodes as well as the empower yourself for better health series episodes as well.

So everything video wise I plan on doing will be on my YouTube page. So you can always check that out. And again, like I said, if you're one of my Lunch and Learn listeners who love the podcast, we always post the episode, clips in a video fashion right on there as well too. So you can press play, especially if you got, I think it was like YouTube, like red, or whatever the YouTube is now where you can just push, play the video and just walk away from. So you can definitely do that for an standpoint there. And I think, let me get my notes together. So we've talked about video component, definitely. We've talked about more guests because of course we're going to continue to bring amazing guests for you guys to learn and build off of so that's definitely going happen.

And most importantly right now in Season 4 and this is something that I've of course wanting to do. Because of course as a health professional, as a physician, I have to bring the big topics when the big topics need to be talking about. But a lot of times things happen throughout the week that I would love to just say, hey, what about this? What about this topic here? What about this article that I just read that I know it would be amazing for you guys. But guess what? I am now going to be doing Friday mini episodes. These aren't going to be recorded on video, but they will be available on the podcast and it'll essentially, almost like a weekly wrap up per se of some of the most important health related topics that I've read about watched or seen throughout the week.

So not only will you be getting the podcast episodes, which was going to, guess what? We used to record Wednesdays correctly. So we used to record on Wednesdays, used to have a past episode available on Wednesdays. We are now moving it to Mondays. So you're going to be getting a Monday episode. It’s going to be our main episode you'll get every single week. But you'll also be getting Friday mini episodes, which are essentially just me turning on the mic or turning on my phone and saying, hey, this is the stuff that's going on in health-related news. Depending on when you're watching this video. Like for example, I would be talking about the coronavirus. I would be talking about a virus that is causing quarantine. I saw on a, I think it was a few, I think it was like CNN that there's people on a cruise ship that literally have to stay on a cruise ship for like three weeks quarantine in their room.

It's not even like their quarantine, but they can move about on the ship. They are quarantine in their room because of this virus. And I want to talk, of course is two sides, right? Again, like I said, if I was doing an episode, I would go in and talk about the two sides of why I think it's kind of funny, especially here in the United States, that we're going very crazy over this disease, especially when we have a viral disease that is going to kill hundreds of thousands of people and it does it every single year and it's only increasing, but people don't seem to be that concerned about it. Again, I would talk about that, but this is not that type of episode. So get ready for a Friday weekly wrap-ups to occur.

We've talked about the videos and we've talked about more guests. So what is this episode. So I titled this episode, Empower Yourself For Better Health. Those of you have heard the intro, you heard me say it over and over and over again. If you've seen the shirts, if you are able to catch my wristband on here. I talk about empower yourself for better health. It is not only my trademark model. And for those who don't know, it is my trademarked motto. But it's really a lifestyle that I want to interject into my Lunch and Learn community. And I want you guys to think about the words, empower yourself for better health. And it's one of those things when I first started outside of medicine. When I got out of residency and I was taking care of patients and I started realizing that I was only one person trying to take care of one person in my office.

And I knew that wasn't good enough. And I knew that I had to do more if I really wanted to help reach the masses. So, when I got out, I said I need to do something that's going to help touch the people. Now again, it was had always been a thought in the back of my mind. Like I needed do more, reach out more, educate more. But I could tell you what happened. And I could tell you something that, and it happened to me when I was a medical student that really spurred my interest and really energize me to be the person I am today sitting in front of you. I was a first year medical student. I had just finished first year medical school right now. It was a tough year. I did very well from it and I was excited.

I was excited for summer break because it had been my first break that I had really since I was an undergrad. Because I remember even as an undergrad, I was always taking classes. So I never really had a free summer. So it was going to be my free summer to just do me and enjoy the fact that I was a medical student. So a goal that I've always wanted to do. Unfortunately I got a phone call and it was my cousin who let me know that my father had passed away. And it was one of the toughest phone calls that I've ever had to take. It was one of the toughest moments in my life because when, of course in the movies you see in the movies where things get silent, you don’t know what's happening. That's exactly what occurred.

All I know is my father had passed away. That was a phone call I got. And if I had to rewind like a couple, maybe like a month or so, I'll say a a couple of weeks, a month earlier. I remember, I went to school in Nova Southeastern where my family stayed was probably like 30 minutes away. So I want to go visit my dad and I go to, he's not here. I'm like, oh, where's my dad? Apparently he's in a hospital. Now, I'm shocked and surprised. One, because my dad's in a hospital and no one told me why dad is in a hospital. How long was my dad…and I’m asking all of these questions and of course I was a medical student. I was studying and they didn't want to bother me. They didn't want me to worry. But of course, now as a son, I'm super worried. Got a chance to see my dad. He had some issues dealing with blood pressure. He never told me he had blood pressures. Again, here I am, I was a premed student. I was a medical student and my father never actually told me like, hey, I got these like medical related issues. And apparently he wasn't taking his medications like he was supposed to. He didn't realize he needed to take care every day because of course, and I've talked about this before. Once we have blood pressure, it's one of those silent diseases. So if you don't feel nothing, you don't think anything's wrong.

Here it goes. He wasn't taking his medications. He was suffering from complications from not taking his medications because of blood pressure. And then, fast forward two to three weeks later, he dies in his sleep, likely from a cardiac event. And now I think about it now, of course, likely from a cardiac event, and I just remember that long ride to my dad's house. And this is 30 minutes. I remember like almost being in a silent fog going. And it was crazy because I didn't turn on a radio. I called the people I needed to call, but it was just like this. I would just replaying that message in the back of my head – my dad is dead. My dad is dead. My dad is dead. And once I get there, immediately, because that's what typically happens. Especially in medicine, when you’re directing the ship, immediately, I have to take this leadership role because now that my father is dead, I am the senior male figure in the household. Especially my immediate family, I had a little brother and a little sister, but I am the senior elder. And automatically the level responsibilities thrust upon me because I gotta make things move as quickly as it can. We're talking about funeral arrangements. We're talking about life insurance. We're talking about all these things here. That again, I went from thinking I was going to have a chill summer to that.

And that's when I realized that if I am going to save someone else's father, save someone else's mother, save someone else's grandma's, sister, brother, if I'm going to do that, I have to step out of my zone and let people know, like, hey, you need to empower yourself for better help. You need to make sure health is your priority and I am going to help you do. Because I realized right in there, and again, it may have been like pompous of me. But I thought, you know what, if I don't do this, no one else will. So I sat out, I started blogging, I started writing a blog. I started being, becoming very deliberate with educating on the health tip. And then, as I move forward and as it moved along here, I go as a medical resident and I'm still blogging. I'm doing videos every now and then. I'm getting to introduce this kind of social media very early from that standpoint there and realize that, you know what, I need some help and I was intending and I was taking care of patients and I wasn't happy, but I knew what the goal was. The goal was that I needed to get better. And to get better, I needed to get some coaching. So I got some coaching and low and behold, I was at my introverted self was turn off again. Because my coach said, one thing, you got to turn on this camera, and you got to talk to the people. Because again, you writing, yes, that's great, but you need to talk to the people.

So I started doing my Lunch and Learn, which was my video series that I would do two days a week during lunch. Just really educating on various topics, blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, same thing we do on a podcast. And the way we got to the podcast is there's someone say like, hey, you know what? I would love to listen to your Lunch and Learn, but I don't have time to sit and watch the video. Can you make an audio version of it? And fast forward we are 138 episodes in and here I am. So this is why I am where I am today. So this is why I have been able to educate on the audio front, on the video front, on the blog front. Because I had a mission early and I realized that if people were going to get healthy, I was going to have to be the one to do it.

Again, as a physician where we all think we're like the hero in story. And that was really my hero story. I said, you know what, if I don't help you guys do it, no one's going to do right. And again, is that 100% sure? Of course not. But because I believe it, I have no problem sitting here recording podcasts late at night, recording podcast early in the morning doing videos. I don't have no problem doing that because I know all I need to do is save one person's father. All I need to do is say one person's mother, one person's brother, one person’s sister. All I need to do is do that because of a video they watched, because of a podcast they listened to and then my job is done. Because I knew I can only do so much when I'm taking care of people in my office face to face. I can only talk to so many people per day, but I know when I turn this camera on, when I've turned this mic on and I record myself doing what I need to do, I knew that was going to take me to the next level. So that is why I'm doing what I'm doing. And that is why you're listening to this podcast and that's what you're going to get for Season 4. Season 4, get ready. We got a lot of work to do. We got a lot more people to educate. Again, my goal, I want to educate a million people this year. I want a million people to say like, you know what? I learned something from Dr. Berry.

And if you're ready to do that, if you're ready to say, yep, I'm ready to learn some from Dr. Berry. Even if it's not for me, because I know I have a lot of people, I like to call them my superhuman age, which is usually about 25 to 35 in the health world where you guys don't, you guys aren't really going to the doctor. That's okay. You guys aren't really getting your check. You're not doing your vaccination. That's okay. We understand because you're young and healthy. But what typically starts happening, and especially when I say 25, 35 is that all of a sudden, you start having relatives who are getting sicker. All of a sudden, your parents are getting older. All of a sudden, a death starts becoming a true reality for a lot of people and then we start thinking about it like, whoa. wow, my dad died at 52. What do I need to do to make sure I'm as healthy as I can be? So when I turn 52, that's what typically happens. Once you hit the 30, after about 33 to 34 that range. Once you get best 35 that's what you're really about that. And that's my goal. My goal is to be that catch all person to help guide you in your 25 to 35 range and say it's like, yeah, you know, health is cool. Dr. Berry makes health cool. I'll listen to what he got to say. I got a mom, I got a dad, I got a grandma. I got a grandpa, I got brothers, I got sisters, I got someone who made it, even though I'm not affected personally by the disease Dr. Berry's talking about, I know someone who is.

And that's where I'm going to just click that share button and send to them, send them a message like, oh hey, check out this person right here. That's what I want you to do moving forward. And because that's the goal. If you don't got the issue that I'm talking about, but you know someone do, you got to share it. You gotta let them know. Because again, remember, we're not only when we empower ourselves, we get better health. That's the goal. That's the motto. Empower yourself for better health. Now, this episode is going to end now. And the reason why I say that is because I'm going to do a part two series later this week to talk about what I plan to do and what I plan to offer.
Now this episode was more of the why, right? Like why Dr. Berry does what he does? Why does he read early in the morning and he does his podcast and he does why he does it? That's really the goal of this video or this episode. But the next episode is really going to be talking about most importantly like, okay, hey, you know what Dr. Berry says, I need empower myself for better health. How can I do that? So I'm going to be talking about a lot of the services and products that we're going to be offering through Pierre Medical Consulting and Dr. Berry to help you get you to that next level. So stay tuned. It's coming. Again, this is a special week because it's a Season 4 and I haven't talked to you guys in a while.

So we're going to be bringing you two episodes this week depending on when you're listening to. Especially if you're one of my listeners who listened to this episode the day it drops out. First of all, I want to say I love you. If you're not, that's okay because regardless of when you hear it, the fact that you hear it makes the world a difference to me. So that's the goal. That's the plan. Today we are doing two episodes this week. You just learned the why. And if you case you never knew it or a case, I might've said it in passing, but not really at full totality. Now you don't know why. Like you know why Dr. Berry does what he does. Because Dr. Berry wants to save your father. Dr. Berry wants to save your mother. Dr. Berry wants to save you and that's most important. So like always, if you love this episode, you know what to do, like, share, subscribe, comment. Let me know I did an amazing job right now because that's how I know that I did, right? Because you tell me I do it again. I love you guys for telling me to do. You guys be blessed. Have a great day. I'm going to see you next week for Part 2 of the Empower Yourself for Better Health Series with yours truly Dr. Berry.


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