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LLP048: Who doesn’t have high blood pressure now? with Dr. Ducatel

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New blood pressure guidelines have caused an uproar in the medical community.Some of the numbers are eye opening according to experts that estimate that approximately 25 million more people will be diagnosed with high blood pressure because of these recent guideline changes. This week's episode we have Dr. Watson Ducatel, a board certified Internist and Co-Founder of Healthy Bodies Medical & Dental Center to discuss how serious the impact these new guidelines will have on clinical practice. Both Dr. Ducatel and I have serious reservations the practically associated with these guidelines and wonder whose best interest they really are for. 



In this episode you will learn:

  • What were the old guidelines?
  • What are the newest guidelines?
  • How many total People are now considered to have high blood pressure because of it?
  • How practical are these newest guidelines
  • What are ways for both patients and physicians to deal with these newest findings

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