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LLP 216: Give Your Doctor Credit

Let's talk about giving your doctor credit…

In this new podcast episode of Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry, I'd like to think of it as a follow-up to last week's discussion about the importance of establishing your doctor's brand.

Today, we'll discuss how patients can help doctors establish their brands, as well as what patients can do for their doctors. We know that doctors need their patients to support, lift, and hold them up.

I will talk about a lot of things in this episode that will be quite beneficial to us. Some of the key points from this episode are listed below.

  • The importance of promoting your physician as the patient.
  • Why word of mouth isn't enough anymore.
  • Why your physicians branding themselves won't mean much if patients are co-signing what they are saying.
  • Why there are sites that are specifically focused on doctor reviews.
  • Leave positive reviews for your physicians who are taking care of you
  • Helping to guide current and future patients to make the best decision on which doctor they choose

Take a listen now and stick around 'til the end of today's informative episode as I dropped some pearls of wisdom with the title “Give Your Doctor Credit”.

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