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LLP 208: Heart Health Month with Dr. Berry Pierre

Let's talk about Heart health…

Heart health is a major concern all around the world. A healthy heart is essential for general well-being. The month of February was known to be a month of hearts because of valentine's day, but the most important thing to remember is that February is American Heart Month. It's all about spreading awareness and educating people about the importance of heart health.

In today's episode of Lunch and Learn, I'll discuss Heart Health Month. We'll go over some key information concerning heart disease, risk factors, and other topics.

We aim to learn more about the following:

  • Key Facts associated with Heart Disease
  • Risk Factors associated with heart disease
  • Why do we acknowledge heart health month
  • Learning the importance of being heart healthy

Listen in on today's episode to learn more about heart health month and heart disease. With our episode title “Heart Health Month with Dr. Berry Pierre.”

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