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LLP139: Level Up Your Health with the Lunch and Learn Community

This episode on the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry is a follow up to episode 138 where we learned about the origin of the motto & why I have dedicated my life to saving the lives of others by instilling in them the confidence to take control of their health care.

On today's episode I explain exactly what it means to level up your health care and how those in the Lunch and Learn community can soon become masters of their own health.

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Dr. Berry:
And welcome to another episode of the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry. I'm your host, Dr. Berry Pierre, your favorite Board Certified Internist. Founder of drberrypierre.com, as well the CEO of Pierre Medical Consulting. Helping you empower yourself for better health with the number one podcast for patient advocacy, affirmation and education. This is part two of the episode block. If you caught Part 1 or Episode 138, I was going through the brand story. I was talking about why are we empowering ourselves for better health. And what really got me started on this amazing journey and it really is only gone about three years now. I would give or take where I really took off, even though we started when I was a medical student. But as far as the trajectory and seeing the amount of growth that's happened has really been about a three year stretch where we've seen so much amazing things happen.

And Part 2, which is today's episode is really going to talk about like, okay, you know what, I finally believed Dr. Berry. I'm finally ready to try something new. I'm ready to try something better. I'm not trying to try something better, better is not good. Because better means that the old way works. But you just need a little tweak. No. Dr. Berry myself, and I'm saying that I need you to try something completely different. And that's why this episode is gonna be so very important for you. Because I'm going to be talking about some of the services and the products and the things we plan on offering for you guys to help you empower yourself for better health. Like always, if you have not had a chance, make sure you subscribe to the podcast. Make sure you leave those comments. Amazing comments that say, hey, you absolutely amazing. Especially for my Apple podcasts users. Go ahead, give us a shout out. For my YouTube users, go ahead and drop the comments. Let us know exactly how we're doing here on the podcast. So like always, get ready for another amazing episode with yours truly, Dr. Berry, here on a Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry.


Dr. Berry:
Hey, what's going on guys? Dr. Berry here bringing you Episode 139 Part 2 of a two-part episode that came down in the same week. But I feel like if we were going to start Season 4 off correctly, I wanted to make sure I started off on the right foot. So in Part 1, if you have not listened to Part 1 yet, please go back, press pause, go listen to Episode 138 because it's going to be difficult to get the grasp of this episode if you don't know the origin. And in Part 1, Episode 138, that was essentially the origin story of yours truly Dr. Berry. And this part is really saying like, okay, we've got the origin of story. Hey Dr. Berry, we believe you, we’re ready to go forward and make some moves and empower ourselves for better health. So how are we going to do that?

First and foremost, I want to say everyone, shot out to you guys. If you got this far, if you're on Season 4, if you are just a new listener, you are ready to make the next leap. For your health, for your parents' health, for your family’s health, you're ready to take that next level. And I am here as an Internist or Certified Program Director, father of three, husband, I'm ready to help you get to that next level to make sure that you can live a long, healthy and prosperous life.
So what does Empower Yourself for Better Health mean? And how is Dr. Berry gonna do it? So I like to call this tier wide system. So this is my tiered system of how I'm going to help you get from Point A to Point Z. And everyone who comes into the world of Dr. Berry, whether it be through to blogging, whether it be through to the podcasting of the videos on YouTube. However you came into this world, you're here, and you want to make sure you take yourself to the next level. And I'm here to help you do that. So I want to start off in the groundwork. So how do I get into the world of the Lunch and Learn community? Because that's who I call all of my members who are ready to make it to the next level.

Because that's really where it started at. It started in the afternoons when I was given those lunch lessons and I just wanted to help more than the person who was standing in front of me. So this is why I call everyone who listens to me in my Lunch and Learn community. So whether you're listening to this at dinner time, at breakfast, you are in my Lunch and Learn community just for all intensive purposes. So as we go on, as we start the process, we say, hey Dr. Berry, how'd we do this? I would say my first layer of offerings include the podcast, include the blogging, include the videos, include some of the free webinars. Because that's where that entry level of education first begins. That's when you first get introduced to me on a worldwide scale.

Like I said, if you happen to be my patient, of course you see me on a one on one basis. But if you're out in the world, whether you're in a different state, a different country, you're introducing yourself likely through one of these engines. So that's again why I do the blogging, why I do podcasting, why I do the videos, because I want to do something to make sure to grass your attention. And once I do that, how do I help move you up this ladder of success, that's when I offer someone my membership group. So things that come in the future is we're going to have specify membership groups for those who are ready to take themselves to the next level. As well as a lot of digital information that you guys would get in periodically that I've included with some of the blogs, with some of the podcasts.
We're going to be giving a lot more products way of that. I'll also think of this second level. Again, in first level was the blogging, the videos on YouTube, the podcast that you're listening to. Or maybe watching, depending if you're my YouTube listeners. And then this next level is the promotion. This is when you're saying like, hey, I'm ready to do this. But again, I talk about it on affirmation. When you say you are ready to do this, saying that to yourself really doesn't mean very much. You have to be ready to yell out into the world. So that's we're going to be providing, if you’re my YouTube watcher, watching this right now. Again, I have these amazing t-shirts. So I'm going to have amazing t-shirts and products, right for you to display to the row that you are ready empower yourself for better health.

I'm going to be providing the digital information, PDFs, checklists, things to help to get you to the next level so you don't feel stuck. So you don't feel lost in this amazing but crazy world that is healthcare. Membership sites are coming. So we're going to be a membership groups, are coming great. So we're going to be having a lot of different aspects of groups depending on the level of, I guess, accountability that you want. So we're going to have different levels of membership groups just for people who really to take that next level. And they're ready to do it in a group fashion. Because again, it's so easy to say, I'm going to get healthier and I'm going to lose all this weight or I'm going to gain all this muscle. And it's easy to, for only ourselves to be accountable.

But once we have to be accountable for a group of five, for a group of 10 or for a group of even 30, depending on how group, how big we plan on creating groups, that's when it becomes a different lower responsibility. And that's when you separate yourself from those who want to do it. And those who keep talking about wanting to do it. Because like I said, I said this before, this is a life or death situation. Getting yourself healthy, empower yourself for better health is going to be a life or death situation. We do not have the opportunity of time. No one, regardless of how rich you are. Remember Steve Jobs, one of the riches man, billionaire and he could not buy more time. So his money did absolutely nothing for him when his health became the number one priority.

So I want you guys to prepare yourself to make sure we never have to get to that point where we're having to worry about our health, being thrust into the number one priority, because we put it off the backside. So that's going to be my level tier. Level tier, membership groups, the books, the t-shirts, all of those kinds of things. There will be in my Level 2 members of my Lunch and Learn community. That also how do you get to Level 3 or how do you get to become a Level 3 Lunch and Learn community member? So that's when we talk about some of the courses. Again, we are going to be in the first level or so. We're going to have courses that, they may be one off courses.

For those who may listen, I know a lot of you have took the course, how to choose the right doctor. Those are the ones courses that I may just do. That again are going to be free to give away for you to do at your own leisure. But once we start having to get really a finite, in detail, with our education, with our learning, we are going to be offering premium level courses for Lunch and Learn community members. So that's what's going to put you at the Level 3 member of the Lunch and Learn community. When you're ingesting in the Level 3, learning and technology and accountability and education. Usually, especially with my Level 3, course learn is. Again, you're going to be getting a lot of group discussions with me. Before in Part 2, you're going to have a lot of group discussions amongst others.

But that's what I'm going to really be more involved and I'm going to make sure I have experts more involved as well too. Like let's say I was having a premium course on hypertension, elevated blood pressure. I may have a cardiologist come in and do monthly sessions. I may have a dietician. Again, there's a lot of different things that we can do with the premium level courses that we can't particularly do with the free courses. So that's something definitely think about. Of course, if you're ready to get one on one consulting, that's going to be important as well too. So we plan on doing one on one consulting, which you already do for some members who have asked me already. Now, but we're going to have one on one. We're going to have group session related consulting as well too.

So we're going to be consulting in groups, consulting one-on-one. That's going to be my Level 3 members of support here for the Lunch and Learn community. Now Level 4, what does a Level 4 community member do? That's when I'm planning on providing things like live events. So again, do not be shocked when you hear that we're having a Lunch and Learn symposium right in your local area market. Of course, I'm in South Florida, so the likely first one will be in my hometown. So when I can get the gist of doing these live events, as well as you're going to see me doing more speaking events, sponsorships as well too. So you're going to see a lot of sponsorship related activities, go along with some of these activities, like the speaking events, like the live events and all of those things under the sun as well too.

So Level 4 Lunch and Learn community members, once we get to that level, in that tier and as you can see, obviously when I talk about live events, I'm talking about speaking engagements. That's more me giving more expert one on one or one to many education. Again, it doesn't mean that you particularly would have to spend more, that's just the level of where you would be at. If you're at the point where you're going to watch me speak, if you're going to one of my live events, that's how you can dub yourself as, hey, I'm a Level 4 member. Because Level 1 members are may not get all the way to Level 4 and that's okay. That's 100% understandable. For those who may know, I do business consulting on the side as well. And when I'm consulting with a professional, especially on the doctors, when I'm consulting with them and I'm letting them know, hey, you have to have these tiered systems for your community that you're serving.

Understanding that those who in Level 1 may not get up to Level 4 and that's okay. They may not need to get up to Level 4. They may be okay with Level 2 or Level 3. But you're going to have some people who are going to need Level 1. They're going to need the webinars. They're going to need the books, the blogs. They're going to need the videos. They're also going to need the books, the t-shirts. They are also going to need a one on one consulting and then they're also going to need to see you live. And that's okay. I think that's a level of interpersonal relationship that you have to have with yourself, knowing where you fit in, in all of those things there. So think about that when we're talking about some of these higher tiers.

And then the last but not the least, and this is the fifth tier and it probably can go on affinity. Especially as my business folks, you always want to say, hey, let me make sure I hone in on this message. So my Level 5 members of the Lunch and Learn community, that's when we're starting talking about becoming mastering yourself, mastering your family, becoming empowerment coaches. I've talked about this before. We have a lot of people who proclaim to be health coaches who really have no formal level of teaching or their teaching isn't as standardized as it should be.

So once it gets to the point where we're a Level 5 type of member in Lunch and Learn community, you may want to say like, hey, Dr. Berry, I've gotten so much value through all of these, your levels of teaching. I want more. I think I need more to make sure I can take your learning, take your teaching and then give it out to my community and serve that. And we're 100% happy for that. So that's where that level comes. Again, like I said, people who are a Level 1 may never need to get to Level 5. And that's okay. But making sure that we have these options to provide for those who want to get to Level 5. That's really my goal. That's really where we're headed and that's what we're so excited about here Lunch and Learn community and the podcast, especially Pierre Medical Consulting, we are excited to help bring you to that new view because we understand the old way does not work.

The old way is killing people. The old way is allowing diseases that should be prevented to become menaces. Again, I just took care of a patient in a hospital who is getting his foot cut off because he's a diabetic. And not only is he diabetic, he's a smoker. And not only is he smoker, he has high cholesterol. So he has all of these risk factors that if someone could have talked to him 15 years ago, 10 years ago, say hey, you know what, if you just stopped smoking cigarettes, if you work on your diet, if you just take some of these medications or however you get to that point, Dr. Berry's not going to have this conversation about taking your foot off.
But unfortunately, now we got to take his foot off. Right. And that's what I want to prevent. Right. Again, if you listen to episode one 38, you know, I talked about how my dad passed away from complications of heart disease because he really wasn't taking medications cause no one really stressed to him that he should take his medications. That's not going to be you. Right? You're going to know that you need to take your medications cause we're not going to allow you not to take your medications. Right? So that is it. Like I said, it is, I know it's a handful, I know that seems like a lot, especially if those who may be like driving or you know, in the car and you may not have gotten a chance, write it down. I'm going to provide a PDF for this episode. It is going to be at drberrypierre.com/LLP139 download. You go to that /LLP139download. You're going to get a PDF of this, the values of the levels, for those in the Lunch and Learn community to help get you to the next level.

So again, thank you guys for everything. Again, I'm so amazed that we're able to start Season 4. I didn't know I would get to a Season 4, but we are here. Next week I have an amazing episode for you member. We do the podcast now, Mondays now. Instead of Wednesdays, it's every Monday. So in three days, especially if you’re my die hard listeners or my YouTube watchers who watched this on the first day this episode comes out. Because this episode is coming out on a Friday.

You saw on Monday, in about three days, we got a new episode. It was going to be phenomenal. It's talking about again, diabetes. Hint, hint. I did a little foreshadowing with that story. We're talking about diabetes. We're talking about how to master diabetes. So you better not leave here again. All the old subscribers, thank you. All the new subscribers, thank you. It is yours truly Dr. Berry Pierre. Host on Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry. I'm going to see you guys next week.


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