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LLP 209: Lifting as we climb in today’s society with Dr. Nyame

Let's talk about Lifting as we climb in today's society…

In this week's episode of Lunch & Learn with Dr. Berry, we bring you a special guest, Dr. Theodore Nyame, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon from Harvard Medical School. He also completed a research fellowship at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Nyame comes to us from Ghana, West Africa. After coming to the realization that the conditions of Ghana leave many of the citizens there in need of reconstructive procedures, he selected cosmetic surgery as his medical specialty. During his undergraduate studies, Dr. Nyame attended Cornell University where he graduated top of his class before continuing on to Harvard Medical School. After receiving his Doctorate of Medicine, Dr. Nyame kicked off what has developed into an international tour of medical missions and speeches. He uses these opportunities to enhance the quality of information circulated through the industry.

Today, Dr. Nyame will share his experiences from when he was a child until he became successful. From a very young age, Dr. Theo Nyame showed a level of desire and dedication towards providing positive outcomes for himself and those around him. The secret to Dr. Nyame’s unconditional passion for results-oriented service to his patients is not a secret at all. “For me, walking out of a treatment knowing that I delivered the best work possible for my patients is the most important,” he explains. His promise is to combine experience with personal interest to deliver the best work possible for his patients.

In this episode, Dr. Nyame will discuss many things that will benefit us a lot. Below are some of the following takeaways from this episode;

  • How he came to this country.
  • What has it taken to get to where he is in life.
  • What he sees as a legacy.
  • Not letting the circumstances dictate our future.
  • Education regarding nutrition is essential to changing the trajectory of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Join me in today's podcast episode with our fantastic guest Dr. Theodore Nyame as he shares a wealth of information and valuable talks with the theme “Lifting as we climb in today's society with Dr. Nyame.”

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