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LLP304: Mastering Men’s Health- Essential Insights for Men’s Health Month

So let's talk about mastering men's health…

It is a widely known fact that men are significantly less likely to see the doctor. This makes them remarkably more susceptible to many diseases, including those that only show up when all is too late but could have easily been prevented if detected early on.

This is the reason why the month of June is dedicated to Men’s Health. As a member of the healthcare system and as a man myself, I think it is not just important, but essential that we have a discussion on just why and how men are significantly affected by disease just because of the gender we hold.

So join me today in our first episode on Men’s Health Month as I share some essential insights on men’s physical, mental, and sexual health including the problems that surround it and how to improve on each of them.

Why you need to check this episode:

  • Understand why taking preventative health measures is still the best thing to do, and why it is really crucial that you take action early on;
  • Learn how improving the physical aspect of your lifestyle helps you achieve better overall health; and
  • Find out why it is especially difficult for men to open up on the topic of mental health and wellness, and how they can get better at handling it

“If you had to think about why you have to dedicate a whole month to men’s health month, it probably could stretch to two just so you get an idea of the significance of how health care and disease have affected men and continues to affect men.”– Dr. Berry Pierre

Notable Quotes:
“When you don’t do the preventative work to prevent it from happening, you’re almost setting yourself up for a recipe for disaster.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“If you’re thinking, ‘What’s something that could better my existence?’, it’s making sure that you are more physically active and making sure that you’re getting your routine screenings.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“Being a man is tough… There are certain things that have been ingrained in our heads that when we get older, we don’t know how to deal with the stress that’s thrown at us. Because anytime stress was there, we quickly got rid of it; some moved away from it. Something happened where you weren’t able to tackle that stress head-on.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“There are two things that will get a man to come to the doctor’s office: One is a family member saying, ‘You better go get that doctor’s checkup, or I’m going to pop in the room with you; Two is some sexual dysfunction.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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