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LLP 213: Natural Ways to Improve Your Vision with Jake Steiner

Let’s talk about the Natural ways to improve your vision …

Many of us are wearing glasses because of bad eyesight. In fact, glasses have become an integral part of everyone’s life. As a result, hearing about certain prospects and varied alternatives for naturally improving our vision is a blessing.

In today’s episode of Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry we bring you a special guest, we bring you Jake Steiner who hosts one of the largest natural vision improvement communities online and has a passion for understanding human eyesight. He has spent the past 20 years in vision biology science, exploring nearsightedness prevention and reversal methods. He is a (semi-retired) stock trader and investor.

Today, Jake and I have an amazing conversation discussing what random event led him down this path to study eyesight over the past two decades, what he hopes people will be able to receive from his message, and his thoughts on a 100 Billion dollar industry.

Episode 213 aims for you to learn more about:

  • How bad eyesight creates bad posture, limited sports performance, anxiety, depression and can lead to weight gain and a poor self-image.
  • It’s quite easy to fix your eyes and integrate vision into a complete wellness and fitness plan!
  • Nearsightedness isn’t a genetic defect, it’s a result of habits (and going to the optometrist for treatment).

Listen all the way to the end to learn and gain some gems of knowledge and information from our conversation on “Natural ways to improve your vision” with Jake Steiner.

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