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LLP 219: Physicians Need to Stand Up for Patients’ Rights

Let's talk about Standing up for patients' rights…

In this episode, I will be talking about a very important topic related to politics and medicine. With the recent disclosure of the Supreme Court draft, it is evident that Rowe V Wade is on the verge of being reversed, prompting a national wide response from both sides of the issue.

Quite often many of my colleagues will tell me that they prefer to remain out of politics and any discussion surrounding politics so they can focus on medicine but with this impending decision, the discussion of politics and medicine are right at the front door.

Physicians and healthcare practitioners, on the other hand, cannot be impartial when it comes to women's decisions. That is why one of the goals of today's podcast is to educate physicians and other healthcare professionals to advocate and stand up for their patients.

Episode 219 will discuss and help you learn the following:

  • Rowe v Wade
  • Recent Supreme Court Draft Leak
  • The importance of Standing Up for your patients

Tune in to today's audio episode, as I discuss the ramifications of overturning Rowe v Wade, as well as why “Physicians Need to Stand Up for Patient's Rights”

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