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LLP097: Racial Disparities In Cancer Not Even Yet But Getting Better




On this week’s episode of the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry we discuss recent findings from the American Cancer Society which discussed the “improvement” in racial disparities in regards to cancer. The study highlights what drove this improvement & what still needs to be done for better result. Of course you will hear my thoughts on the matter as an African American physician.

1. Is this a good thing?

Whenever you have a study that says that something like cancer rates are improving you have to acknowledge the positive benefits from it. The biggest one is that if less people are being diagnosed with cancer than less people are dying form it. And with cancer being the number 2 cause of death in the US (see episode 96 for the number 1) its great to see less people affected.

2. So why we shouldn’t jump for joy

Probably the biggest reason why we should not go screaming from the roof tops the amazing effort that has taken place to get these improved numbers is the fact that they were so bad in the first place. In the episode we will go over just how bad some of the numbers were.

3. So where do we go from here?

As we talk about Cancer & racial disparities we must talk about the key factor that has played a role in its existence. If we are looking to get even better numbers the next go around that we have to attack the root of the problem.

Questions I hope to answer for you…

What are the racial disparities in cancer care?

What has been the driving force behind the disparities?

What can we do to improve upon these results?

Why race/ethnicity and social economic differences must play a central role in cancer care?

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