ACOI Conference

LLP041: Recap of my trip to the ACOI Conference

Every now and then I get to take a “Vacation” away from taking care of patients but being that I have never been the vacation type I always seem to end up at a medically related function. This time I end up in Washington D.C., a place I hadn't been in almost 10 years when I was applying to medical school. I had a fabulous time there if you take away the fact that I spent my first night in my room as I was still getting over a sinus infection my kids gave me before I left. The topics were amazing and I got to me ZdoggMD (Dr. Damania) which was one of the highlights of the trip. Like most medical conferences there was plenty updates to learn so during this episode I discuss wants new in the fields of HIV, domestic violence and opioid epidemic. It didn't make the podcast but I also got to chance to listen to a great speech by a friend and fellow fraternity member (deja vu) Dr. David Pierre, who talked to the crowd about Perfecting your Craft.   


In this episode you will learn:

  • What meeting ZdoggMD meant to me?
  • What did he say that made his encounter a highlight of the event
  • What is next in the treatment of HIV
  • What are the responsibilities of physicians with patients suffering from domestic violence
  • What helped fuel the opioid epidemic?

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