domestic Violence

LLP025: Spotting the signs of domestic violence

To get a medical license or even renew your medical license we are required to take a 1-2 course on domestic violence. I remember seeing it listed and being pretty excited because I had learned about its serious effects from a public health perspective.

Some of the numbers are startling with one in four women and one in seven men over the age of 18 being a reported victim of abuse. Quite often its the physicians whether it be in the emergency room or in the routine often visit who could serve as the first line protectors IF they recognize the signs and are able to help. 

On this episode I talk about certain cues that I look for in patients that prime me to dig in a bit deeper when I feel the situation arises because a majority of your patients will not just come out & say I am being abused. The great physician is one who recognizes when is the right time to take some action. Also, in this episode we talk a little bit about teen dating violence because as the numbers will suggest domestic & intimate partner violence is rampant.  


In this episode you will learn:

  • What can your doctor do to help
  • Statistics on domestic violence
  • Factors affecting teen dating violence
  • Find out how men are affected by domestic violence

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