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LLP056: How to stay heart healthy with Dr. Mike

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It's the leading cause of death WORLDWIDE. Its will cost the US over 200 billion per year and that number is only going to go up. This month as we have our annual celebration of valentines day and the release of The Black Panther I wanted to make sure we end the note understanding just how important staying heart healthy is to everyone. 

On this week's podcast we have Dr. Mike Morris, a renowned board Certified Cardiologist and newest  contributor to the Lunch and Learn community who is going to show us why we need to be heart healthy today and stress the importance of seeing a cardiologist before its too late.


In this episode you will learn:

    • Why it's important to go to the cardiologist
    • What is heart disease 
    • What it means to be heart healthy
    • The Importance of American Heart Month
    • Best way to avoid becoming a broken down car (prevention options)

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