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LLP 201: Succeed Without Sacrificing Your Faith & Fulfillment with Dr. Brad Bellard

Let’s talk about Succeeding without sacrificing  faith & fulfillment…

On this week’s episode of Lunch & Learn with Dr. Berry, we bring you Dr. Brad Bellard (aka Dr. Brad), who is a mindset & performance coach for men. He is an Amazon best-selling author, national speaker, and host of the podcast and YouTube channel, ‘ELITE performance with Dr. Brad’ addressing topics related to the spiritual, personal, and professional development of men. Dr. Brad is also a double-boarded non-surgical Sports Medicine physician and Regenerative Medicine Specialist. He has worked with multiple professional teams including his prior service as assistant team doctor for the NBA Dallas Mavericks and is a regular guest on the Dallas-Fort Worth radio talk show Inside Sports Medicine.

In this episode, Dr. Bellard will discuss a lot of things that will benefit us only men but for us in general. Today, let’s learn about:

  • How do we succeed without our personal life being neglected?
  • What is peak performance and how do we define it?
  • The key(s) to mastering work and life
  • How can we be more effective and get both work and life done at a high level?
  • Can we really succeed and be fulfilled and committed to our faith at the same time?
  • Fulfillment is not a by-product of success, it is a precursor to success.
  • Proximity to God = Peak Performance
  • Relationship with God = Results

Join me on today’s podcast episode with our fantastic guest Dr. Brad Bellard as he shares a wealth of information and valuable talks with the theme “Succeed Without Sacrificing Your Faith & Fulfillment.”

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