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LLP 343: The Views Sunny Hostin vs Osteopathic Medicine

So, let’s talk about osteopathic medicine and why Sunny Hostin’s remarks should be debunked and called out…

In a recent episode of The View, one of the most-watched daytime talk shows to date, host Sunny Hostin left a comment on former President Trump’s physician not being a medical doctor because he is a Doctor of Osteopathy.

While discussing the report on the former President’s health, Hostin claimed that being a Doctor of Osteopathy and being a medical doctor are two different things.

Unfortunately, this notion about having an MD degree vs. a DO degree has been going on for years, with some of the prejudice even presenting itself within the industry.

But are osteopathic medicine physicians really NOT medical doctors, as thought by Hostin and the general public? Is the practice of osteopathy, not real medicine? Are MDs and DOs really different, especially regarding one’s qualifications to do patient care?

Join me in today’s episode of Medicine Mondays as we shed light on this philosophical clash.

Why you need to check this episode:

  • Find out why The View’s Sunny Hostin’s remarks regarding osteopathy and osteopathic doctors resulted in heated discussions;
  • Learn the only difference that separates an MD from a DO degree, and understand why both are medical doctors; and
  • Discover why talking about Hostin’s words about Doctors of Osteopathy is a must, especially for students and professionals whose interests are in osteopathy

“We don’t want you to disparage all of osteopathic medicine [physicians] just because one of us happens to say something stupid. That’s all we’re asking for; I think that’s all anyone can ask for.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

Notable Quotes:

“To drive home that fact using the fact that his physician has to be an osteopathic physician and not a real medical doctor, that is where we have to pump the brakes. Because that is where we see that […] this person doesn’t really know what an osteopathic physician is.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“To say an osteopathic physician isn’t a medical doctor, now I have to ask you the obvious question: what do you think a medical doctor is?” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“A lot of times, in the general public, we have issues where MD has been [seen] as a medical doctor and DO is not a medical doctor. No, that’s not the case, [or] whatsoever. MD is the person who went to an allopathic school vs. DO is the person who went to an osteopathic school. The general public has no clue…They probably don’t have a clue on what allopathic medicine is.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

“This has been a train of thought that unfortunately continues to be ingrained in our pre-medical student, our medical students, our residents, and the general public; that for some reason, the DO degree is somehow less than the MD degree.” – Dr. Berry Pierre

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