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    On this week's episode of the Lunch and Learn with Dr. Berry we discuss rising drug prices, an unfortunate but common practice in the health industry. Often when we talk about price gouging we tend to hear about unlawful business owners preying on those in need in times of great difficulty.

    Probably the most common time is during natural disasters where all of the sudden gas stations start charging $20 for a case of water because the supplies are low. On this episode I am going to talk about rising drug prices and what the drug companies do to families on a daily basis.

    rising drug prices, lunch and learn

    1. Whats the big deal with rising drug prices?

    As a former outpatient physician I learned very quickly which medicines my patients could afford and which they couldn't. It got to the point where I didn't even suggest medications because I knew it would mean that my patient would have to choose between getting dinner and filling a prescription.

    Which drug prices rise many people have to make these life or death decisions on a daily basis. Medication compliance because an issue and if you are someone who is trying to Empower Themselves For Better Health than it would impossible doing so without the medications you required.

    rising drug prices, lunch and learn

    2. Prescription drug price rising in 2019

    Did you know that every year drug prices rise in which companies attribute to inflation but what is unfortunate that many drug companies tend to raise the price of these drugs with little added benefit to the customer(patient).

    3. Are rising drug prices a health risk?

    Short Answer Yes..

    Long Answer – When patients continue to see their life saving medications that were routinely affordable one year only to be “upgraded” and had their prices sky rocket they will just stop taking them.

    Questions I hope to answer for you…

    Why are drug prices rising?

    What are some of the most common drugs that have seen there prices sky rocket?

    What can we do to avoid having to make tough decisions about care?

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