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LLP040: Why World Mental Health Day is an Every Day Issue

At the time of the recording I had a totally different game plan for tonights episode but being that it was World Mental Health Day I didn't want to miss an opportunity to bring up a topic that I hold near and dear to me. I again enlisted the assistance of Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Maria Davis-Pierre to give her professional take on the sheer importance of World Mental Health day in regards to recognizing the problem of the lack of awareness for mental health. During the episode we talk about not only why we need to continue the discussion of mental health but focus on giving less power to the stigmas associated with it.    



In this episode you will learn:

  • Importance of World Mental Health Day
  • Why we have to take the time to recognize when we have a problem
  • When she would seek help
  • The best ways professionals can approach patients who may not be directly asking for help

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